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Another Rash!!

Looks like we are of to the doctors again tomorrow!

Jessica has come up in a rash on her chest again and it looks really red and angry, she also has what appears to be bites on her shoulder and under her armpit, however we don't have animals and they don't seem to itch her!


  • Very strange Simone!!

    That sounds nasty!! I hope you get it sorted.
  • Oh no, hope you get it sorted out tomorrow.

    I had Cameron at the docs this morning. He had a rash on his tummy and chest, surprise surprise it's a virus and nothing to worry about. He made me feel like a such an over-protective neurotic mother.
  • Simone has Jessica had Chicken Pox?
  • No not yet, but its not that, its just two big red patches on her chest and a few spots on her up, have not had a proper look this morning as we are still in pjs! Will see what its like when i undress her!
  • Hope its nothing serious,just a nat bite or something and the rash could be a slight allergic reaction,have you got piriton you could give her.
  • Thats what i think it is Emma, have not got any piriton but have given her a small dose of medised as that has got antihistamin (sp!) in it
  • Hope that works for you then,an that you havent gotta make a trip to the Dr.
  • I took Jessica to the doctor and they have given me antibiotic cream, they basically don't know what it is and if any more spots appear to go straight back!
  • Oh bless her poor mite,hope the cream works and it clears up soon,is she still ok with it or has she started to itch.
  • Oh Simone, hopefully the cream will clear it up.
  • Simone hope the rash disappears soon, it is strange that the doctor doesnt even know what it is. Hope she is ok. xx
  • Hi Simone,

    I hope Jessica is ok and that the cream is clearing things up.

    Zoe xx
  • Thanks girls, the cream seems to be working and it is not as red and angry as before and thankfully no new spots have developed x
  • Thas good then,hope it continues to get better quickly.
  • Hi Simone,
    Hope Jessica is ok and that we are still on for tomorrow.
    Katelin had something similar a week or so ago and they are still here. I'll show you them tomorrow, they sound like the same.

    Take care. See you soon. xx
  • Hiya, sorry i seemed to have missed this post earlier!

    I'm glad the creams helping and that Jessicas ok xxx
  • Hi
    Really looking forward to tomorrow Lucy, will be good to catch up!

    Jessicas rash has nearly gone, just has a few pimples on her chest now!
  • That's good Simone. It must have been worrying at first, glad she's on the mend.
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