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TTC again

Just wanted to pop in to say hello to everyone, as we are TTC again.

My LO is 8 months and as I've just had my first AF we're going to TTC again - whoop, whoop! Hoping to be more relaxed this time and I might be this month but I'll be dusting the cobwebs from my CBFM next month I think!!

Good luck to everyone xx


  • aww good luck lawso! Nice age gap, my brother and I are only 11 months apart and we're very close! x
  • bloomin heck i have been here too long,welcome back chick,will be nce to catch up again x
  • hello

    there are quite a few of us back from last year, good luck x
  • yay!! There are alot of people back who were here last time I was ttc, is like stepping back in time lol

    Seriously grudie, I really hope you get your bfp soon, lovely to have you here but you have to be next xxx
  • Hello hun, how are you? Im still here from when you were last on ttc!!! Looking forward to catching up! xxxx
  • Good luck.
    Baby dust ::::
  • Hi hunni, we're ttc baby no2 too. Fingers crossed you get your BFP soon xx
  • hya luv, i remember you from when i was 1st ttc last year. welcome back were unoffically ttc. xx
  • Good luck Lawso - hope it happens very soon for you. x
  • Thanks so much for such a lovely welcome back.

    I'm sorry to see a few familiar faces still here, I had hoped you'd all have long gone - here's wishing it happens for you soon, you girls definitely deserve it.

    How nice to see others ttc number 2 as well, I guess trying so soon isn't that unusual after all. Good luck to you all xx
  • Lawso,

    I've just popped in here to see if anyone else was back again and I'm relieved to see you and Piggypops! We haven't told anyone we're ttc nr 2 as I thought everyone else would think we're being greedy or stupid! Lo is 6 months old!

    Grudie - Was so hoping not to see you here (in a good way though)


    P.S. Now I've written that I hope you remember me!!!
  • Hey! Good luck! It really is like groundhog day in here! image
  • Now I've written that I hope you remember me!!!

    of corse, welcome back image
  • Of course I remember you and everyone else!! Its lovely to be back with friends xx
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