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Babys Jabs with Big sister present?

Hey girls

My ds is due his 8 weeks jabs next week... my dd is 22 months and was traumatised by her MMR jabs (she is quite a sensitive soul) and has only just recently felt comfortable at the DR's again as every time we went she thought she was going to get a jab again and would scream the place down (a nightmare when i had midwife appointments) Anyway i am not sure weather its a good idea to let her see her baby brother getting his jabs.. she adores him and i am not sure how she will react when he gets so upset?? Also i don't want her thinking omg im next iykwim?

My hubby cant have any time off work though so its a tough one i guess i would have to see if they have appointments in the evening?

Did anyone else take there toddlers along to Immunisations for there siblings? How did they react?

Thanks xx


  • I took my dd for all of ds's jabs, but she is a bit older than your daughter -she's 4. She did tell me she didn't want Harry having his jabs, but she was fine when we were there, and helped me by putting things in the bag etc, so took her mind off it a bit.
  • I took Ollie to all of them - didnt really have a choice as there was noone that could have him, and he was fine. They have a box of toys and Ollie always made a beeline for them, plus he got a sweet if he was good image
    He did once say 'my no jab' and we explained that it was just baby and that she needed them to make her safe.

    not sure if your dd would be happy with a couple of toys to play with, maybe a treat of some sort to distract her?

    Sorry not much help

  • I took dd1 with me as well but again she is quite a bit older, 5 yrs, but she was fine with it.

    Maybe it might even help her a bit to see ds 'recover' from his jab, in my experience they only cry for a minute or two as a baby . Although saying that if she does go into a meltdown then ds might feed off that and go into one too?

    Sorry that's probably not much help, hope you manage to sort something out.
  • I took DS1 to DS2s jabs, he would have been 22 months for the first ones. I was worried that he would go mad as he is so protective of his little brother but we had no problems at all.

    I explained to him before hand exactly what would happen & that DS2 would be upset. I then gave him DS1s special teddy to look after whilst in the nurses room. When DS2 cried DS1 came over, gave him his teddy & also gave him a little cuddle.

    Hope it goes well.

  • I've been wondering this too - we haven't got our appointment through yet, and it hadn't occurred to me until someone else mentioned it, but I'll be interested to hear how you get on. Ds is 25 months hopefully I'll be able to distract him (food usually works lol), but he does usually comment when his baby sister cries.
  • hi, my friend took her newborn for some jabs along with her 8 year old sibling and the sibling cried as she thought they were hurting her baby sister. i think if you explain why she is there and that she wont remember anything and try and occupy the sibling with something else like holding a toy to comfort their brother/sister with afterwards it should be ok.i think no matter what their age they will feel protective just try and include them as much as possible so they feel a part of making them feel better afterwards.
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