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hi lizzie is seeing a specialist 2 weeks tomorrow about her intolerances/allergies. can you give me a heads up on what to expect. how the testing is carried out ect. i have been told to not give her anything new or anything which may cause a reaction as she can't take any antihistine for 3 days before the appointment.


  • Hey hun,

    I saw your post yesterday and was going to reply but boys woke up! lol

    We didnt see a specialist so I cant help you there but we were told to avoid all the 'allergy' foods until they were a year anyway. The boys have never had anything dairy (well, from 17 weeks when we found out) and ive been told to avoid citrus fruits, kiwi, strawberry, soya, peanuts...think thats it! I give them the same sort of things so tend not to give them anything new and havent had any reactions for ages. They are ok with most foods though but I have still been told to hold off until their appointment when they are a year old.

    The boys had blood tests (which were horrific - if Lizzie needs these then I suggest you dont go on your own as I had to leave the room when Alfie's were being done!) They calm down pretty quickly but Alfie's were all the more problematic as his skin was awful at the time and they wouldnt listen to me when I told them they wouldnt get anything out of his hands and tried anyway. Was awful as they tried both hands before admitting defeat and getting blood from his foot!

    We spoke to the dietician previously, when we went back to say the milk was working, and she gave us a list of things to avoid, but I havent seen a specialist at all.

    HTH, and sorry I cant be more helpful xxx
  • Oh, and the boys blood tests have all come back clear, but we still have to wait till they are 1.

    And, we were told to try new 'complex' foods, such as bread (wheat products) very slowly. The boys had an issue with banana but are ok now and they said I could try this again.
  • so did your boys have a reaction with soya products or was it just on your advoid list?

    lizzie is fine with spya products but thsi is the list of things which give her reactions:
    citrus fruit
    wheat (bread)
    think thats it.
    I have been told not to give her anything new at all until we have seen someone. and not to give her any antihustimines for 3 days before the ap[poitment. who done your boys blood tests? we are seeing a pead who speacilises in allergies and do said to expect blood tests to start with.
    we are bering referred to pead dieticain too.

    hubby is coming to southampton for the appoitment too x
  • I think your problems may be slightly different though as we dont have antihistimines. The boys reactions involve really bad nappies and really bad tummies, so I actually think, although the paed said allergy, that they have more of an intollerance??

    Anyway, whenever we try something new we just have to kkeep a close eye on them for a few days to check nappies etc, but they can still have them. The list above is either because they are known allergens or because the have reacted (in the case of soya)

    The children's nurse was going to do blood tests but she, nor I, were keen, so she called the paed down to do it. We see a paed every 6 weeks now, and the dietician at the same time.
  • thanks for getting back to me again. lizzies are all intolerences (most give her bad nappies or make her skin flare up) but the egg made her swell even round the ears so thats why she has antihistamines.
    Thanks for the info x
  • Ahh, well it is the same then! lol

    All we were told to do was give everything slowly, so always give something new for 3 days with things they had already had, and avoid milk products altogether. Thankfully they havent had a noticeable reaction to anything else, except banana which we left for a month or so then tried again just to make sure and they were much better. They dont like egg so havent had that much (they spat out what we gave them)!

    Since the tests have come back (which are allergy tests rather than intollerance tests but do show if the body reacts to certain substances) I havent been quite as careful avoiding milk products, although its been a small bite of my cheesy bread, or cheese and ham sandwich, and they havent reacted (but then it hasnt been enough to cause a reaction worth noticing really!)

    Hope it all goes well xxx
  • cool. glad your boys seem to be out growing the intolerneces this is what I am hoping for too!
    We are off on an all inclusive holiday in january and they dont have anything lizzie can eat at the moment,lol - it was booked when i was pregnant so no ones fault so doc is hoping if tests are clear then we can slowly introduce things and get her eating more normally before january,lol!
    thanks for your help x
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