those thinking of trying cranial osteopathy..

Just wanted to say if your thinking of trying it do, it has worked wonders for our lo's colic! he's like a new baby and it was worth every penny!!


  • Yeah I second that. Tried it for ds who would not sleep, was like a different baby straight away.
  • what is it? xx
  • As you know we are trying this for George, can I ask how many sessions you have had and what the difference has been?
  • we had our 2nd session on fri, after the first one we saw an improvement after 2 days. After our 2nd he got worse again for a day and he's better again already.
    The osteopath thinks he'll need another 2 sessions as he still finds it hard to burp but the improvement is so good already!
    Junie mummy i dont know what the official job description is but he felt Harry on his head neck and abdomen and said he could feel harry had az tight diaphram so he's basically manipulating this toloosen it off which means he doesnt get trapped wind which was causing his colic x
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