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If you could have a day off from being pregnant,

what would you do?
I would wake up after a full night's sleep on my tummy ( no loo trips/ bump getting in the way!) and have a runny eggs breakfast. Then go to a theme park on all the rides and have pate for lunch! Followed by a night out with a few cheeky glasses of wine wearing something slinky. :\)

I love being pregnant but sometimes I do miss things!


  • That sounds good!! I would have a lovely lunch of brie, pate and red wine - not long to go now until I can do that!!!
    Helen x
  • Hmm I would also wake up after a full nights sleep on my tummy! Have dippy egg and soldiers for breakfast and not get indigestion afterwards lol. I would have pate on toast for lunch and then go out for a delicious 3 course meal - cambembert starter, rare steak for mains and then some yummy scrumptious dessert lol. All of this accompanied by a bottle of rose wine. I would then stay out late and not get too tired!!
  • I would actually get some sleep. I'd go for a run in the park with the dog, whereas now walk at granny pace exhausts me. I'd eat brie and pate for lunch. I'd have some nice pimms and lemonade or dry white spritzer in the sunshine, then medium rare steak for dinner.
  • mmm.... not sure i am sleeping ok on my tum still (no idea how) lol
    I have also had runny eggs so not missing them...

    Maybe.... Eat pate for lunch on toast with cranbury
    and for dinner have steak med/ rear with lots or rose wine and southern comfort and lemonade


    gems 24+6 x
  • i would have a full nights sleep and then mr whippy icecreams all day as well as ryvita and pate and i want to try that crabbies alcoholic ginger beer. I would also like to go on a trampoline with my little boy or run around with him without feeling sick, getting heartburn or leaking a little wee!!!!haha!!!!

  • I would eat and enjoy it!
  • I would demolish a bottle of disaronno and coke! Yum! Eat cheesecake and mr whippy. Have a good jump on my sons new trampoline. Get up off the FIFA without wincing in pain cos of sciatica in my right leg. Get dressed without heaving. The list could prob go on! Lol
    I am only 19+4 do still have ages to go. I now know why I waited so long to get pg after my son who is 5 and a half! Lol!
  • I'd sleep, and then go to a theme park, without having to go into every loo I walk past. i'd go on all the rollercoasters, eat everything that's no good for you without feeling guilty, go home and have a late night with a few cheeky bevvies

  • Ooh and wear a pretty underwired bra with no breast pads- damn leakage! image
  • Not feel sick and eat a fab meal! Go pony trekking on our holiday this Autumn.
  • I'd wake up and open up the box of clothes that would still fit......

  • I'd start by eating smelly cheeses for breakfast washed down by sparkly wine, have a spa day then go out eat sushi then off partying in a lovely tight pencil skirt (not sure how after a day of cheese eating) and drink the bar dry of whiskey image
    I'd take my day off on my birthday as this is my 3rd sober one in a row lol
  • I would wake up after having a really comfortable nights sleep on my back or tummy! I would have a fry up (not really keen but the eggs runny and then a sausage to dunk sounds like heaven right now!) I would then pursuade my hubby to take me out for dinner where I would have 3 courses starting with Pate on toast, then a blue steak with all the trimmings and to finish a nice big fat cheesecake. I would wash it down with a bottle of Disaronno Amaretto neat with a twist.... But I plan on doing that once the baby is born :lol: ok so maybe not a bottle of amaretto as I dont drink much anyway but I could give it a good go!
  • Ooh good thread! I would wake up after having a great nights sleep where i've been able to breathe properly when i'm on my back lol! I'd have dippy eggs and soldiers for breakfast then i'd spend the day in a theme park going on the biggest rollercoasters around while snacking on chocolate and cake all day (hmm might not be the best combination chocolate and a theme park but meh) then i'd go out for a 3 course meal wearing something a bit sexy and have dinner loaded with carbs and not have to think about if it will affect my blood sugar levels. Oh and i'd wash it down with a big glass of red wine!
  • Yaay another disaronno lover! I have been wanting some for about a month now!
    My Xmas gift to me is a bottle to slowly drink after baby is born! Lol
  • I didn't know we weren't allowed to eat mr whippy ice cream. no one told me that.....

  • I didn't know we weren't allowed cheesecake either, I thought it was ok because it's cooked? whoopsie!

    If i weren't pregnant i'd go to the loo and not check the loo roll before i chuck it- or my pantyliner for that matter!lol!

  • mmm id just eat what i want coz i cant eat much without being sick or having dreadful

  • Lady2188 - you can eat cheesecake! I'm not sure why people think you can't, unless there is raw eggs in it (which there very rarely is - I've certainly never seen a cheesecake recipe with raw eggs), there's absolutely no reason that you can't!

    I think for me, I'd have the waking up after a great nights sleep on my back, then I would lounge about on the sofa whilst eating breakfast (sitting back is a thing of the past whilst having a baby that likes to turn back to back!), and I'd then just spend the day out shopping or doing something that I can't now do because I tired too easily - followed by a few fab cocktails in the evening!

    Kat xx
  • I could have written most of these!!

    I would wake up after a night on my tummy without numb hands (damn carpal tunnel!) and relish being able to wear my lovely wedding and engagement rings image

    Then I would go to a theme park, scream myself silly. Go for a lovely long run in the sunshine before stuffing my face on pate and drinking pink champagne (I am also presuming I have won the lottery here!!) all while wearing some fabulous heels (all I can fit my porkers into at the the moment is flip flops!)

    Liz x
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