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For teachers who returned to work before the summer

I will be going back to work in September on a part time contract. I returned to work on the last week of term. I am just wondering if those who have done the same were paid full pay or part time pay for the summer?




  • this really annoys me! cheeky bloody heads! you do not even need to go back AT ALL to get paid for the holidays. you just have to say in your return to work letter than your return to work date is the first day of the holidays. if you didnt put the last day of term as your return to work date they could very well pay you that as a kit day, then not pay you for summer.

    however, i am not sure over full or part time. as if your return to work date is july, then that's your new part time contract, so it would be part time over pay summer. however, if you look at the new rule in scotland over teachers being able to take holiday on top of maternity leave, then the holiday is on top of your current contract so would be full time until your new contract starts in september. but not sure how this new thing works. and i dont think it affects us in england.

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  • I went back for the last two days to clear my classroom and to ease myself in to leaving Arthur. I did realise that I did not need to leave at all.
    I have been paid full pay but have been contacted by my headteacher who has told me that she has forgot!!! to put my part time contract in and that she will be starting it from July and they will be taking the full time money off me!!! I am waiting for a call from my union as I really did not think she could do this.

  • My friend did exactly the same as you and she is going back part time too - she is getting paid her new part time hours over the hols. She was actually told they would pay her full time over the hols but is actually getting paid part time...
  • I don't know hun, I think phoning HR and the union is your best bet. I went back full time for the last half of the term, so 7 weeks. I'll be starting on a part time contract as of September 1st, so I've been paid full time over the hols and will get my last full time pay cheque on the last day of this month. Ooh how I will miss those!
  • Based on what you've said, i think it'll be part-time pay. Im assuming you put in writing that you were returning part time and then stated the date you would be returning?? If thats the case then i cant see how they will pay you full time.

    However....did you return for the last week and work a full 5 day week?? If so, you may have a case for full time pay. It all depends what you put in your return to work letter xx
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