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My sister has just been diagnosed with this

She's not ttc or anything just yet but basically just trying to find out if any of you became more hairy because of having PCOS?

She's just started getting sideburns and hair on chin and above lip etc, which she is plucking/shaving etc. Apparantly this is because of the testosterone being produced because of PCOS. Did any of you get this?

How did you get round it etc?



  • Hi lampiekat,

    I was diagnosed in Apr this year so fairly new to this. I do get a small amount of lip hair which i go to the salon to get waxed every 4 weeks.

    I don't think plucking and shaving is the best way to deal with it because it comes back thicker. Have they mentioned any medication for your sister because that might help. Also i have been reading pcos diet book and that seems to have got quite a lot of tips for excessive hair growth. I also think reflexology has helped me with pcos has i got my bfp this month x

  • I've onoly recently been diagnosed with this, but also suffer the hair problem. I have my top lip waxed every six weeks (any more often and the hair grow back ingrown and cause spots, she should bleach the ones that start to grow back after about 3-4 weeks)

    I pluck those that I get under my bottom lip and chin - this is very painful at first, do it after a hot bath.
    Side burns shouold be bleached, definitely nopt shaved or waxed. I got all this info from my beautician as soon as I was diagnosed.
    Hope this helps. x
  • Thank you ladies.

    I don't know if she's been given any prescription for it. My mum told her to go and see the nurse at the doctors about it so hopefully she'll speak to some-one.

    I'll try and find the pcos diet book or tell my mum about it to tell her. She doesn't know i know and would probably not do any advise that i can try and help with so if i'll do it via my mum.

  • Hi there, I was diagnosed with this a few years ago. I have always thought that I had more hair than average, especially on my thighs. This was however the only symptoms that I had apart from the cysts on my ovaries. I was told it would take a while to conceive, but it didn't: we conceived in our first month ttc.
    The hair on is better dealt with by waxing or by laser treatment. xxx
  • Hi Lampiecat!

    I was diagnosed when I was 17 and was on Dianette for 9 years! I only had hairy big toes and the occasional nipple hair (slightly minging I know, but could be worse!) Tell your sister not to worry x
  • Hi.
    I was diagnosed a while ago now. And i dont really suffer with excess hair growth. The hair i already have just grows quicker. Like if i were to shave one morning, it would be all prickley again by then end of the night. =[ not good lol. But i have had little hars sprout up here and there on my body in total random palces!! but i dont think theres anything to worr about! and i know there deffo is treatment for it. Not sure what it is to be honest. I jsut remember coming across some info when i was researching PCOS myself. xxx
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