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Good morning ladies

Does anyone have any recommendations for a baby carrier? Went out and bought a Moby but just not getting on with it so looking to buy a more structured baby carrier rather than a sling - any thoughts?


  • i know you've just said you'd rather have a more structured carrier rather than a sling but they arnt as good for baby as they dangle by their crotch!

    the best by far on the market are mei tai slings. they last untill way past toddler (which carriers dont) so comfy for mum and dad to wear and you hardly feel babies weight (unlike carriers) and can easily go from carry to back carry in seconds!
    i have a mei tai and regully carry my 16month old 28lb daughter in all the time and for a good lenght of time. i have a hernaiated disk in my spine so suffer daily from back pain and usikng the sling doesnt agrevate it, infact makes it easier as my posture is better.

    anyway, just wanted to give you another option.
  • We have the baby bjorn active one and have never looked back, it's brilliant for young babies but equally as good for my 8 month old as they can either go facing you or facing away. Can't recommend it highly enough. I have a ring sling that I have never used, just couldn't get the hang of it whereby the baby bjorn you just can't go wrong xx
  • We have the Baby Bjorn Synergy and think it's fab!

    Love NN xx
  • We have the baby bjorn spirit, only use it occasionally and for short periods of time but it's been fine. Only thing is facing inwards in constantly worried that his nose is squashed in my boobs and he can't breathe
  • facing outwards insnt good for babies backs because of the position of the carrier and especailly if a mother has anything more than an A cup in boobs!
  • I bought the cybex I-go from mamas and papas it' goes from birth to about 2 years - not that I plan on using it that long! From birth to 4 months the baby lies down and it has a hard back support for baby I love it and my daughter seems to like it too she even sleeps in it!
  • I agree with Sleepybeccie, the mei tai ones are the best, and I've got a few! We've got a tomy one, a ring sling, a baba sling and the mei tai. I use the baba sling if its just for a short time or if she's going to be going in and out of often as it is quick and easy to pop her in and out of. But the mei tai is the most comfortable for both me and lo and it can be easily switched between me and hubby without having to adjust any straps. It does take a little practise when you first get it but I got the hang of it within a couple of attempts.
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