vitamin drops

i have read that a few people on here give their babies vitamin drops? are they needed with a balanced diet? are they just an extra boost?? i would give them to my daughter. she is 10months


  • If you mean vitamin k drops chick, these are for babies that are solely breastfed. I had to give them to my little man untill he was 3 months old or until the bottle was finished. Breastfed babies need these unlike formula fed babies who get theirs through their milk x
  • My LO was EBF and we never gave him anything. Not sure when WishfulThinking's DS was born but these days most hospitals give them an injection of vitamin K at birth, then you don't have to give them anything.

    Our GP also prescribed vitamin drops for 6 months onwards (Vit A, 3 different kinds of B, D and E), however I have since found out this isn't done everywhere and most babies don't need it. Babies with darker skin don't absorb sunlight as well and therefore don't make quite enough Vit D so babies of certain ethnicities are recommended to take the drops. In boroughs where there is a lot of cultural diversity GPs tend to prescribe those drops to all babies but not everyone actually needs them (obviously won't do a baby any harm though).
  • My baby is 22 weeks nearly Charlotteb, he was also given the vit k injection at birth. We've not been told about vitamins from 6 months, must be different parts of the country do different things x
  • I was advised by hv to give lo vit D because of the rise in the number of cases of Rickets.
  • yeh i ebf for 8months and never gave dd vitamins?

    i just bought some multivitamin drops for her- why not! image
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