Church donation for christening

Hi all

We have to make a donation to the church next week for Niamh's christening but I have no idea what amount is seen as right!

I don't want to appear stingy but on the other hand I don't want to go overboard and give more then is seen the norm if that makes sense

Anyone got any experiences of this?



  • hi we had this for dd1. i wrote a cheque for ??25. i was informed by the vicar that a collection would be held (this happens on most sunday services anyway where they pass round a small velvet purse thingy) and so i let everyone know it would be happening and if they had some lose change to pop in that would be great.
    I have never got round to asking others what they done but I could only afford ??25 and thats what i gave.
    you could ask the church but you will probably get the same response as i did -give what you can, its only a donation not payment x
  • You don't 'have' to, certainly not in the Anglican church. As a covenant of grace, they are not supposed to levy a fee for the baptism service. DS was christened last weekend, we did not have to pay. They held a collection and people gave what they wanted. I'd be very wary of any rector who tells you that you have to make a donation in exchange for his services as this is not the official stance of the Church.

    If it helps, we put ??20 in the collection box, quite a few people gave 'note' donations.
  • I am Methodist, so Grace was baptised at the Methodist Church. We gave ??20 to the collection, and my parents also gave a note donation I believe.

    Don't worry - just give what you can afford and feel happy to give image

    Em xx
  • sorry i should have said i was told i didnt HAVE to give anything but he just mentioned a donation and i asked myself what kind of donation was expected. i was told none was expected but as they say with most collections give what you can afford. no one will make you feel bad or say anything if you chose not to give anything. x
  • Thanks everyone - we were thinking around ??25.

    It is a Catholic church and we were told today a donation is expected!
  • Hiya, my daughter was Christened in an RC church and I was advised ??20 was about right, so that's what we did x
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