HELP!!! movements at 30 weeks

I am sure everything is fine, babies tend to have lively and chilled out times, just like us!!! If you ring the maternity unit and explain the situation they will probably tell you to go in again to be monitored.

Have you tried the usual things like eating very sweet stuff, salty stuff, playing loud music through headphones to your bump? I was advised to do these to "wake" up Bronwyn!!! She wasn't moving when i was being monitored so the midwife brought me something sweet which made her jump into action!!!!


  • This is usually coz his getting ready in the birthing position,i no movement is limited but im sure everything is ok.

    Let us no how you get on with your appt.
  • Bronwyn also responded to a hot bath!!! I took a jug to the bath with me and poured water over my bump and massaged it with oil and it never failed to rouse her!
  • I think Jenn that if anything is worrying you and you are not too far from hospital you can always go in and have checked. I think they usually say so many movements in a 24hr period. I expect baby has been moving but could be whilst you are asleep or sometimes just as simple as you don't notice when you are busy etc xxx
  • That's great news! Are you both OK now?

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