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I'm so peed off. I've got PCOS but my cycles have been fairly regularly ... until recently. I've had 39, 38, 37, 31, 29 day cycles. This month I was feeling really positive, have had no AF symptoms at all so thought that was a good sign. Got to CD 29 and tested BFN no big surprise given how long my cycles can be so waited until today to test again and still BFN. I'm so disappointed because this is the longest cycle I've had in a long time and I was convinced that we had done it this month. Now I have no PMA left and still have no sign that AF is on her way. This TTC malarky is pretty tedious - failing month after month is just tiresome especially when everywhere you look at the moment everyone seems to be pregnant. Right rant over and back to real life and trying not to worry about mother nature and what she has planned for me.


  • I know exactly how you feel. I regularly have a really low day. I find swearing a lot and yelling at my ovaries helps!! Neighbours probably think I am a loony! Sometimes it is really boring, frustrating, irritating etc... I find it easier to get over being upset than that niggly fed up and impatient feeling in the pit of your stomach. That's what makes me a bit bitter when friends announce they are pg or I see a perfect bump - I hate feeling like that! Come chat to us on our ovulation constipation thread - it's super for a PMA boost. x
  • Hey Mummy*wannabe
    That must be so frustrating for you.
    Have you thought about getting a CB fertility monitor? They are apparently fantastic, it tells you when you ovulate so that way you can estimate how long the cycle will be. friend of mine used one who had PCOS and had been ttc for a while. She got a BFP on the second month with the CB fertility monitor.
  • Oooh I have just started using CBFM this month and already love it. Wish I had got it at the beginning of TTC. Much more PMA to see high than a wishy washy line!
  • Sorry to hear you're feeling so down. TTC is rubbish sometimes isn't it? If you can afford a CBFM monitor then that sounds like a great plan. How long have you been TTC? If it's over 6 months then you could go to your doctor to ask for help. I know they normally say wait a year if you're under 35 but I've also read that you should go earlier if you've got a problem like PCOS. On the other hand you could still get a BFP this cycle. It's not over until AF arrives! Keeping my fingers crossed for you and hoping you feel better soon.
  • Hi ladies, sorry its taken so long to reply - as if BFN wasn't bad enough been suffering since with stomach bug - yuk! Thanks for all your advise will look into CBFM and might give that a go. And def visit DR. soon especially if AF doesn't arrive. Thanks Koalagirl for the PMA fingers crossed your right and a BFP is on it's way and just have a shy one image.

    Thanks again ladies.
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