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temperature question??!!confused xxx

hi girls just wanted to know when you are temping is there always definitely a temperature rise after ov?
i got a positive friday and fertility friend said i would ov yesterday. i had a slight slight dip this morning so should i definitely expect a temperature rise in the morning?
what if i don't does that mean i didnt ov even if opk test were +?
they were faint cd 10 and 11,
darker on cd12
and as dark as control line on cd13
then yesterday faint and today even fainter!

new to this temping as was on hol last month got my hopes up that i ov'd now worrying if i dont get a rise!

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  • ah i dont know the answer but wanted to say hello!
    really hope you get your BFP, did you buy pre-seed?
    just bd like mad, i dont get the temperature thing!
    ah im still keeping everything crossed for you xxxx
  • hi hunn how you feeling? hope your ok!! im fine yes i bought pre seed and bd evry other day from cd9 and the day of + but didnt get chance the day after again as hubby was on a stag doo all day!! grrr hope we havnt missed it again! gunna bd today and maybe 2moz!! ahhhh im 1dpo today i think!!!!
  • oooooo exciting! i really think your going to do it on month 2!!
    if you bd day of positve and used pre-seed you should be covered.
    yeah im ok, 7 weeks today eek! really tired and have some sicky days, going to book an early scan as i cant wait until october for 12 week!
    ill be keeping an eye on you and waiting for your BFP! xxxxx
  • awww hope i have some good news !! uuuggg just cant face another bfn! its so frustrating i wanna cry and only on month 2!!! soooo want it! i hope we have done enough!!! image
  • Hi,

    this temping lark really confuses me too! I think you are supposed to see a 0.4(ish) rise above your normal temp for around 3 days in a row. Does that make any sense!?

    I keep meaning to ask.. Are you a childminder? It's something I'd be interested in doing if we eventually get a LO.
  • I am gonna try and put a link into my chart so you can see what mine looked like after ov! IIt went up over a few days bt def shows a rise! Just keep at it huni, it ecomes easier as u go and is a good way to shoe you have def ov'd!
    ok here goes.....

    My Ovulation Chart
  • Thanks for that baby_vivvy - it's really handy to see someone's chart. I've just started this morn and I don't really know what to look for. I think my temps have settled down a bit, seem to always be around 97.18. Interesting to see yours went up quite a lot.
  • this is my chart if it works!!! can you girls have a look??

    My Ovulation Chart

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  • I can't see it Hun..
  • click on my ovulation chart can you see it now?
  • Yep - can see it! Wow! I don't know where to begin with that. You got a positive OPK though? Hmm...
  • Are you checking at the same time everyday? Are you getting a good sleep?
  • I would say you OVd CD14 after the dip on CD13 and that it is a good thing that your temps are rising nicely.
  • i know i dont know what the high temps at the beginning are about!! yep testing at 2pm and 6pm everyday were faint at 10 dpo and gradually get darker, by day 13 dark as control and are very faint again today on cd16! will take a pic of them 2moz and post them on! hoping temp still elevated 2moz then fertility friend will confirm + opk and say day 14 was ovulation!!
    just confused by those two highs at beginning! i did read on ff though that af can cause temp to be erratic!!! do you think that is a good sign then having 2 temp rises in a row??xx
  • It looks pretty good to me. Now you just need it to stay up! How long is your LP? Are you going to carry on temping? I read that AF makes the temps erratic too. Mine is all over the place at the beginning but has levelled out at around 97.18 now.

    On another note, I may have to pick your brains about childminding at some point. Have been doing a bit of research, but am sure it is better from the horse's mouth! Lol!
  • the 2 temps in a row are definitely a good sign, just make sure you take tomorrows at te same time for an accurate reading. I have taken mine at 7 when I should and then again half an hour later when i'm awake and they are always different!
    it def looks like cd14 was your ov day and it coincides with ur +opk which is also good!
    My chart had the dotty lines to start with because my temps didn't coincide with +opk and peak but then they wet down and up again and after they had risen 3 days in a row it changed my ov day and the lines were solid red! I knew it had got it wrong with it's first prediction but it can only work on what it has xx
  • hey hun yep can do im on facebook if your on?
    thanks that makes me feel alot better! will deffo keep on temping as im curious to what it will look like at the end of my cycle!!!!
  • What are you called on fbook? I will send you a message..

    I wish my temps would get on and rise! CD11 though and normally OV CD19. Boo! Yours look very promising. Like baby_vivvy said - make sure you do it at the sane time tomorrow so you can compare properly.
  • yea i temp at 6.45am every morning and opk at 2pm and 6pm evbery day! last month i ov'd cd19 this cycle is looking cd14?! really hope so!!!
    my name is kelly melling im on the chat! have a pic of dd on hubbys shoulders

  • Have msgd you!
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