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Think I'm migrating to toddler!

I have loved posting in here on and off since ds2 was born last Oct. I have been in toddler longer as was in there while pg with ds2.

DS2 is slightly advanced having been walking since 8months 28days and is now starting to talk, most of the posts in here I can't relate to now as they seem very newborn or young baby, so I think my time has come to migrate!!

Will keep an eye in here though......



  • see you there soon Nimmy! My daughter is 1 and took her first steps yesterday. I should really move but love reading about little babies, especially now im having another image
  • I could be following soon, my little baby is 10 months but she has started trying to walk today so we may be seeing her taking her first steps soon and she started getting her words a few weeks ago, my baby isnt a baby anymore!! :cry:
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