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Oxford Meet Up

Following the discussion on FB and the Oxford mini meet how is everyone fixed for 18th September?

I think the only place is Jambino's which looks fab and is hopefully only a bus ride away from the station.

Who's up for it? What sort of time do we want to aim for?

I'm excited already! x :\)


  • Bumping up!

    Is anyone up for coming who hasn't seen it on facebook?

    Aiming for around 11.30am. So far there is SunnyMummy, Diydiva, Bluey, me, Maximum+1 (hoping i've got the right names!) and if i've forgotten anyone - sorry!)
  • lol, i had to do a double take and figure all the names out after looking on facebook for so long! Apart from Maximum who cant make it image( i think thats all right xx
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