Eco disposables?

Hi Ladies

We've been using one life/motherease nappies since ds was born 6 months ago and LOVE them. Think I can count on one hand the number of times they've leaked.

Anyways, we've noticed that ds night nappy reeks by about 10pm of wee and by 7am he's drenched. When we're away he wears disposables and it's scary how much wee there is. Anyway having tried adding lots of boosters at night and to no avail we've decided to put him in a reusable. We currently use nature baby which I've found pretty good since they improved them, but just wondering if anyone else had a recommendation for eco friendly disposables?

Many thanks (& sorry it was long).
Sam x


  • Hi Tink

    Not seen those, but they sound good, where do you get them from and what are they called?

    Thank you,
    Sam x
  • we use sainsburys eco when ive not got the cloth dry in time and at night. I like them better than nature baby!

    Em x
  • Sorry about this Tink, but work with me hereimage

    I don't want to buy a whole new nappy system as apart from at night my nappies are fab.

    So, I'm gathering that the flip disposable inserts are more like a disposable nappy, but the size of a paper liner? In which case, could I use them in my motherease nappies?

    We'll get there soon, promise!
  • They're a two piece system with a cloth shaped nappy with booster and paper liner and then a waterproof outer.

    The flips look very nice though, you're going to have me buying more too now :lol:
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