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i'm anemic (sp)

not that i know much about it. been given some iron tablets.


  • Try eating dried apricots if you like them!!!
  • Good luck with them hun i to was aniemic way before rily but my body rejected iron supplements,it gave me terrible nose bleeds but as soon as i was preggers my levels went up and have been fine since.

    Caroline knows best.

    The tables will sorry to be so crude ,turn you poo almost blk and hard sometimes.Take them with fresh orange juice as i had to take them and that was what i was told to help it get into the body quicker.
  • Plenty of red meat and green veg helps too.
  • I too had that at 38 weeks with Hollie, i took Iron tablets and they did make me have more energy.
  • how long do they take to work?
  • If you are able to up your iron intake with diet alone, your body will thank you for it! Dark green leafy veg are good, lean red meat. I do not reccommend this in any way, but with my first pregnancy I found myself getting bone tired in the evenings but if I drank a can of Murphy's or Guinness I woke up feeling fab the next morning. The iron in the tablets made me feel really ill. My midwife reccommended Guinness and dark chocolate for my post pregnancy anaemia recently.
  • aw yuk, dark choccy and guinness.
    but yum at green leafy veg, i eat alot of this, but think this is the only iron thing i eat, went off meat when i fell preg's.
    thanks for replys, still haven't got my perscription yet cos of weekend hol's. hope they work and not looking forward to the bad bowel stuff.
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