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Is any of the Junies Teething?

Erin has been teething for about 4 weeks now. I can see two white bits coming through and are sharp to feel. She is suffering really bad. She normally sleeps through and has done, from about 2 weeks, but for the past 3 nights she has been waking up in agony, where i got her to the docs yesterday as i panicked.

Any othe junies suffering with their teeth? xx


  • oh poor erin!
    yeah Callum bites down HARD on my finger and you can see that he is upset, its so frustrating. And finding a teether that he could hold and put in his mouth was really hard!
  • We were told that Fifley was teething at his eight week check up, bonjela helps and we got a teether from mothercare that works like a dummy and he likes to bite down on that.
  • Hey hun, Dylan has been teething for about 4 weeks too. A little sharp bit has just started to poke through. I haven't managed to get him to sleep though and doubt i will now for a long time. Have you got any teething powder? it fab really settles them down xx
  • Bella is too, she stuck hubby's finger in her mouth and was chomping on it until his finger went numb! she's got white marks dribbling more, goes through fazes where it bothers her and wants to chew on everything in sight.
  • yes we think h is too - lots of dribble ,chewing and bad nappies bless him xx
  • I'm starting to think so, we've got a lot of dribbling and trying to get hands into her mouth while crying - she's a young Junie though, only 11 weeks, but ds had his first tooth at 19 weeks so she might well be an early teether too.
  • yip Megan started to show signs a few weeks ago but now we've got the dribbling, red cheeks, jamming hands etc in mouth and trying to 'bite' her fingers and we have the loosish stools too and have had her crying a few times - using dentinox gel as couldnt get ashton and parsons but thats what im wanting to try though thr gel is helping a wee bit i think so far...its a shame as all the teethers are still a big for her...

  • Just posted a topic about this, didnt see one had been started,

    Yeah i think Freddie may have started got all the signs, It must be awful for them
  • Just posted a topic about this, didnt see one had been started,

    Yeah i think Freddie may have started got all the signs, It must be awful for them
  • Hi yeah think we have started now too. He's dribbling more than a footballer, crying in pain, has flushed cheeks and is always sticking his hands in his mouth. We bought some calgel teething stuff, and some bickypegs and some of that ashtons and parsons powder. You can see 2 bumps appearing. I feel helpless. As he's such a happy baby and he's been so cranky for 2 days now. Hope all the Junnies get passed it quickly xxx
  • noah started at 10 weeks, always dribbleing, being unsettled fists in mouth....he has recently started to grab my finger and put it in his mouth and chomps down hard! he is less unsettled now he can use teething toys and calgel teething gel is a godsend xx
  • yep Emily has been teething for a while now too. Anbesol & Calpol are dong the trick though.

    My poor lil dribble monster xxxx
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