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Hi there!

Hope you dont mind me joining you, Im usually to be found in BIS09.
My LO is now 1 and although shes not yet 'toddling' (and probably wont be for some time-very lazy baby!) Ive been lurking here for a week or so as it seems more relevant to her age now. Also you ladies seem a lovely lot! :\)

Anyhoo, I was looking for some advice from anyone who has a small age gap between their LO's and wondering if I am completely mad even considering this...
Ive been feeling EXTREMELY broody the last month or so, probably due to Isla turning one etc. My Hubby is very keen on having another and in the grand scheme of things apart from feeling pretty crappy and sick throughout my pregnany was problem free. I had what most would consider as a straight forward labour-apart from the 20 million stitches I had :lol:

Soooo Ive decided to come off the pill and 'see what happens'. Which is a bit scary, Im excited, nervous but most of all quite worried about what people will say as Ive always been quite vocal about not wanting another until she's about 3 or 4.
Is it just my hormones running away with me and looking back with rose tinted specs at the tiny baby stage?? Am I selfish wanting another and will I be missing out on my little girl if Im focussing on a newborn as well?

I should also probably mention that I am on anti-ds at the moment for PND and I am obviously very keen for me not to get this again. I guess this is another question I have as well, anyone suffered with it 1st time and not the 2nd?

Argh so many questions, sorry ladies I know Ive rambled I tend to do that!

Thanks for reading if you've made it this far.x


  • Hi i have a 17 month age gap between my two girls and its lovely the bond they have is so strong dd1 really looks out for dd2. We are ttc number 3 at the moment i didnt have pnd with dd1 but did with dd2 down to her birth i think and am really hoping i dont get it again.Anyway having 2 wasnt really different form having 1 at first and by the time it is you dont realise if that makes sense im lucky as dd2 loves her sleep i have to wake her up still at 18 months old.Anyway i'd say go for it image
  • Yeah go for it ! i'm newly pg with my second and my lo will be 2yrs 2 months when it arrives. I think it'll be tiring but exciting too.

    I dont think you can be selfish at all, sometimes I think having another baby whilst the other one is fairly young and not set in their ways with mum and dad to themselves for years and years is the way to go. But only you can make that choice.
  • Hey, I found out I was pregnant for the second time when DD was 4 months image everyone did think I was mental :lol: and every 2 mins I'd get someone asking me 'how will you cope?' which drove me a bit mad. But I absolutely love the small age gap (12 months, 12 days lol) and my girls love each other to bits, plus Lily doesn't remember ever being the only child. Even in the early days of having 2 I didn't find it to be too hard or as bad as people had told me it would be. Wouldn't change it for the world!

    As for the PND, well my experience may be slightly different as I have chronic depression which has affected me since I was about 14, but had a serious bout after my 1st DD, and even though I was coping realy well after DD2 came, I suddenly had another bout of depression when she was about 3 months. But because I knew what to be aware of, I got treatment the second time round whereas I had no treatment after my first. I found that the depression second time didn't affect my bond with DD2. I'm still on anti-d's now but had counselling too which was amazingly helpful.

    I'd love a third baby soon but not sure if we're going to go for it or not. I've stopped taking the pill but we're taking other precautions for now :lol: I've never really 'planned' a pregnancy before so I'm too scared to jump in and go for it! Good luck with TTC and hope it happens quickly for you.

  • Hi ladies,
    thanks for your replies. It helps to hear others experiences.

    I think we're just going to go for it, I do have doubts every now and again but Im feeling there are more positives than negatives.

    I guess one of my worries is the PND returning. I have just signed up to do some group counselling with other Mums who've had it and you can take baby along with you which is good. Will see how that goes.

    Lea77-did you carry on taking your anti-d's through pregnancy or did you have to stop?x
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