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Eczema worries

Hi all

We are a bit worried Tobes might have eczema. He has some patchy dry spots all over his tummy and back and keeps getting random red / dry / sore patches on his cheeks and also you can see his forehead is very dry and spotty. The bits on his body are red and bumpy and they do feel dry.

Nursery noticed and said they thought it could be eczema.

We need to get him booked into the Drs but would appreciate anyone's stories on eczema and your thoughts on whether it sounds like it.

I asked my friend and texted her a pic and she said possibly but eczema often starts in the creases / fold of skin which it really hasn't.

We bath him in Johnson's every night - the purple bath stuff. We wash his hair in the yellow Johnson's shampoo as well. We haven't changed our washing powder recently - we use, and always have used, Persil Non Bio. He's had a few new pairs of PJs lately. Which admitedly we never wash before he wears them. Nappy wise, we've just changed from Pampers Active Fit to Pampers Orange ones (whats the name?!) as his bum was all to often sore. None of this is near his botty though.

Edited to add - neither hubby or I suffer from eczema and never have. I'm not aware it runs in our families either. He was formula fed.
Thanks in advance for any help
Joo xxx

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  • Hi,

    It sounds like it could be eczema. My lo's had it from 4 weeks although he's only got 2 small patches on his arms at the moment. Central heating can cause it to worsen -have you recently turned yours on? I'd also advise not using johnsons for a few days and seeing if it helps - it seriously aggrivates ds's skin-it makes him so dry and sore. We use the ointment prescibed by the dr as a soap, it's called balneum but until you get to see the doctor, I'd recommend aqueous cream-you can get it from any chemist-just slather all over and rinse xx
  • Sounds like it could be eczema.

    Riley gets it really bad but mainly in the creases of skin behind his knees and elbows. I have to put Aqueous cream on him at least twice a day, sometimes more if I can. He's also got some hydrocorticin steroid cream which the dr prescribed when his creases flared up to use until they went but they always come back after a couple days so I just use it whenever it flares up again.

    Try stopping using the bath products and moisturising as much as you can and see if that helps. x
  • I second the ditch Johnsons! Full of parabens and parfums and crap ... dont need it! Try some organic baby products - little me, simple baby and so on, MUCH better.

    Also try dream cream from lush for moisturising (even though dream cream has got a lovely smell it all comes from oils, so it is not chemical). IT IS FAB! It is the only thing that controlled my boy's eczema except steroid cream. And at first moisturise at every single nappy change, to give the skin a nice boost.

    Things like aqueous cream are ok, but they only cover the skin in waxy layer sort of so the skin doesnt lose any extra moisutre but it doesnt really give anything BACK to the skin, it is not nourishing in any way.

    Hope this helps!
  • You could use Oilatum Junior bath additive instead of the Johnsons. We have used that from day one.
    As for creams, try E45, aqueous or Aveeno (it's made by Johnsons but is great stuff for eczema). I was told to use cream 3 times a day, really liberally. DS's skin is now completely eczema free after only a few days of using Aveeno.
  • it sounds like it yeah, my son had it when he was about 3months old maybe he saw specialist etc because at 1st they thought he couldve been milk tolerance which he wasnt.
    i must abit it isnt nice them having it. my son is now 2 and half and it comes back now and then dependin on weather. he has oils for his bath, some oil/cream for his body.
  • It sounds like excema to me hun. Abby has it occasionally now (it was awful when she was tiny though!) and never in her creases, usually it's on her face and tummy.

    Not read the replies, so not sure what others have said, but this is what worked for us:

    Abby always flares up if we use Johnsons stuff on her - even the really mild stuff, the best things we have found for day to day are the Buriti range in body shop - it leaves her skin scrummy! We have recently started using the Halos and Horns shampoo and conditioner instead of the buriti shampoo (but only because I need conditioner to tame her afro!) and we've not had a problem with that either.

    When she flares up, I switch to using dreamwash and dreamcream from Lush - and that usually sorts it out, but if not then we've got a mild hydrocortisone (we've got it on prescription - but you can get it over the counter - if you fib and tell them it's for you!) that always sorts it out.

    The doctor also gave us some aqueous cream (excuse spelling!) which was OK, but no where near as good as the dreamcream. That's also available over the counter - and it's not expensive.

    Whatever you decide to use - try to keep his skin as hydrated as possible, and put some moisturiser on his dry/itchy bits every nappy change (if you remember!)

  • my daughter had a bit of eczema which i've tried different things for - but someone told me its more likely to be something they are ingesting. I tried my daughter on goats milk instead of cows and it seams to have cleared right up (a friend recommended this to me as her LO had eczema) .it can be quite a common problem - goats milk is much more like human milk - i suppose cows do have 7 stomachs! maybe worth trying, but defiantly ditch johnsons i'd say, always irritated my daughter. xxx
  • my son has eczema quite bad and all his creams are prescribed. His eczema did however start on face and torso as you describe and i have been told this is often pattern of presentation on infants.

    best advice moisturise regularly, for eczema they say 6times a day...this is rarely practical but if mild a/m and p/m should be ok

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