not interested in her milk!

hey ladies
my DD is 14weeks and is just not interested in her milk. Today she has only had 3 6 oz bottles. she has been on baby gaviscone for about a week now and it has really improved her reflux but she just doesn't seem to want her milk she is gaining weight well she was born on the 25th centile and is now just below the 75th. just want some advice really should i be worried that she is taking nowhere near the guidline amount of milk this has been going on for a couple of weeks now she was having 4 6 oz bottle until today when she only had 3 she also sleeps through

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  • my DD only takes about 19oz across the day and is 19 weeks old. She's gained weight well and has gone from the 4th to the 50th centile. I worry like mad about the guidelines and how much she should be having vs how much she is actually taking. My HV told me to relax, that she is clearly just taking what she needs and that the markers to look for are good weight gain, nice pink colour, general relaxedness/happiness and plenty of wet and dirty nappies. If that is the case for your LO then i wouldnt worry but perhaps mention it to ur HV next time you have her weighed to see what they say xx
  • At around 14-16 weeks ds was only having about 22oz daily (after dropping down from 30+!) he has gradually increased it since and is now having around 27oz daily although nearly all of this comes from his last three bottles, he will easily get to 3pm, having only had 4-6oz all day. We had to introduce a dreamfeed a while back to up his intake. A few of the maybies are fuss pots with their milk, as long as their healthy and happy I think the key is to just relax and they'll have what they need x
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