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feeding question- what shall i do?

Hi Ladies,

As some of you know Dylan is still getting up twice in the night for his milk. Last night he woke up at 10 only had 2oz then 1.30 had 3.5oz, and 4.30 and had 4oz. I have tried to give him his dummy and water to delay feeding without much luck.

As he has having his milk in the night when he wakes up in the morning he is still full, he didn't want a bottle until 9.30 this morning and took a full 6oz!!! I think if he just had more in the day he wouldn't need so much as night, we are lucky to get 4oz per feed in the day. I have tried to give him more he just won't have it!
What do you think should do? Carry on as i am feeding in the night and giving him a bottle later in the morning? Or try and get him to take more milk in the day as much as i can? i am at a loss what to do!


Gemma and Dylan 12 weeks xxxx


  • Hi hon, sadly i cant help as i'm having similar probs with harry. He is 11 weeks and i dream feed him at 10pm where he will take 3-4oz, then he wakes up anythime from 2,3,or 4am then again at 5,6 or 7am. During the day he rarely takes 5oz bottles and normally will take 4oz every 4 hours.
    I have also tried getting harry to take more, but he's got a bit of a temper and when he's done he's done lol!
    Sorry i cant help but wanted you to know your not alone, will be watching for replies though for any advice!
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