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does teething make your LO ill?

My little one is really suffering at the moment with molar teething. He has got one through but we've had a dreadful week and it's still going on. i'm guessing more are on the way.

These are his symptoms:
runny nose for a week
runny nappies for a week
high temp of between 38.5 to 39.1 one night, all night. We had to give him nurofen and calpol, strip him, cover him in cold flannels and bring him into our bed for the night. He was fine the next morning.
Vomit - all day on his birthday, fine for 3 days, then vomited again this afternoon. Couldn't keep anything down - it wasn't just a one off on either occasion.
Also crying on and off due to teething pain. It's a different type of cry so I know when it's pain and give him nurofen each time.

The last time I went to the docs about teething, back in May, she practically jumped down my throat when I said that teething made him ill and said that was impossible. I just can't see how he can have all these symptoms at the same time as getting a tooth. It can't just be a coincidence right?

I guess what I really want to know is; can teething make your little one vomit? cos it's really worrying me that he's so sick. He is asleep now having puked up his tea but managed to keep down 3oz milk.

Thanks xxx

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  • ooo tough one hun.....

    Isaac ALWAYS got a fever when he was teething and tended to sleep more too. along with the normal moaning and restlessness. When I said someone to HV she said fever was not a symptom.

    However when ever he has a virus/cold/etc he ALWAYS gets a fever. It's his bodies way of coping.

    Not sure about being sick though, so not much help there. The other symptoms sound right........ Not sure what to suggest tbh.

    Oscar is doing similar atm he's restless, crying a lot and generally more bad tempered than normal! I can feel a molar coming. He's also sleeping a lot more than usual. He had a 3 hour nap yesterday!!!

    Good luck, keep him well dosed up to help with the pain and I hope the tooth is through soon. Plus if in doubt about being sick, pop him to dr and try see a different one!!

  • I would say yes teething definitely does make them ill. My LO only has two teeth which both cut within 24 hours of each other but for the 2 weeks before and 1 week following them cutting he had a raised temp every day, foul nappies and vomiting. Sometimes the vomiting was similar to posseting but on several occasions it was violent and projectile. Not fun.
    We now have another tooth coming, I'm not sure where because he won't let me near his mouth to investigate but we have all the symptoms again, including the vomiting. Incidently my hv poo-pooed my suggestion that teething was causing all of this so I took him to the gp who agreed with me and said yes it can make them feel very yukky. The vomiting is a less common symptom but is due to all the saliva irritating their little tummies. I would give it another few days and perhaps if he's no better take him back to the docs. I hope he feels better soon, it's heartbreaking seeing them poorly and in pain image xxx
  • Im so glad I read this, Ive been so worried the last week or so about Isla as shes really not been herself since a few days before her birthday.

    Same symptoms as you girls have described, v high temperature, this week a runny nose and generally being miserable and sleeping loads. Sje was even sick a couple of times in the night and I just thought she had a tummy bug image

    Isla has 8 teeth now all at the front so I can only assume shes getting one of her molars through now.

    Who would have thought cutting some teeth could effect them so much!x
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