MAM bottles - experiences? (also in bottle feeding)

Had these recommended to us for our bubs who has silent reflux/wind/dribbling issues during feeding! We use Dr Browns which are ok but she still takes in air and no teat size really seems to suit her, so I wondered if the flatter silkier teats on MAM might help? Just looking for any experiences from anyone who's used them, good or bad and what teat size they used, DD Is 10 weeks and uses Level 2 teat on Dr b's at the moment, Level 3 chokes her..


  • i tried tt and mam...bubs used both back in day, but the only thing that really helped sons reflux was gaviscon.

  • I loved mam bottles for amelia and only after 2days i could notice the diffrence in her from reflux/colic. I plan on using them again this time to. x
  • I loved the mam bottles - preferred them to TT closer to nature but tbh DS didnt care and would have drunk out of anything. I did find the teats a help when he was wriggling though because the are flatter. xx
  • we use the mam bottles now, they are the only bottle dd has ever taken. we still use the medium flow teats usually, the fast flow are really fast and she cant catch her breath!
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