which yoghurt or Fromage frais?

Hi girls just a quick question my lo is 6 monts old now and we have started weaning and I wanted to try her on some yoghurt or fromage frais in a couple of weeks time, which ones do you recommend as I looked at the petite filous and the 2nd ingredient was sugar and I think the 4th or 5th was fructose. So any help would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you.


  • Rachels My First Yoghurts or Rachels Taste Explorers are really good and have no added refined sugar. They are big though so your lo might not be able to eat a whole one (although my DD eats 2 - 3 a day!) but you can always finish them off image

    We also use Yeo Valley Organic natural yoghurts and mix with fruit puree.

    NN x
  • Natural yog for us to, we use half a day! I do buy petite filous if we go away to save carrying round half pots of yog!!
  • We for greek yoghurt and mix with fruit puree - its yum
  • im with the rachaels first yoghurts, they are yum and dd LOVED them!!
  • I get the supermarket own brand as they are not full of sugar. I do sometimes give him onken ones that I have but they aren't great. D
  • We use Rachel's first Yoghurts (the banana one is REALLY nice!!) or the Little Yeo's BUT!!! If you buy the 4 pack of little Yeos, it has added sugar! The 6 pack is no added sugar - I know it's crazy! We also have the Plum fromage frais as they are also no added sugar.
    Happy munching!
  • We get Muller little stars out of habit, but I think I first tried them because they weren't too bad on the sugar front. LO is now 9 months old and after 3 months of gorging herself on yoghurt, she's gone off them completely... time to find other puddings image
  • I did get muller little stars (fell foul of them saying 'perfect for weaning' on them) then i looked at the sugar content and its nearly as bad as peti filous! I then like a mad woman went through all the fromage frais on the shelf and found munch bunch to have the lowest amount of sugars in them.

    I'm all for kids having a bit of sugar- they need it but some products that you think would be fine are full of it! I also noticed that lots of the yogs have RDA ... and then in tiny wrting (RDA for a child aged 5 or over)!

    But in answer to your questin its either natural yog on its own or with fruit puree or munch munch!
  • Hi we've been having Yeo valley little yeos. Found them in Waitrose but our usual supermarket Tesco only seems to stock the larger size pots. Also plumbaby do some little pots of fromage frais - also in Waitrose! Both of these are sweetened with fruit juice instead of sugar x
  • Oh I feel really bad now! DD looooves petit filous yoghurts and muller starts FF. Hmm, maybe I need to re-evaluate my choices seeing as she has one or the other every single day...
  • Thanks girls for all your replies, will have to go and have a good look at all your suggestions, the only reason I though of petite filou is because they are nice small pots, just couldn't belive the sugar content. will make sure i have extra time on my next shop to stand in the yoghurt aisle and have a good old browse.
  • even though my kiddies are older now (3 years old and ive got 2 at 21months old) i make my own yogurt,i bought easiyo yogurt maker and its fab,really cheap and soooooooooooooo easy to do and the kids love it
  • We have the Yeo Valley Greek Style and add our own fruit purees.

    B x
  • I didn't even realise petit filous were so bad. And I just bought 2 packs. Gosh. Once we're through these I'll revisit the whole thing. Probably natural yogurt and fruit puree then.
  • Plum fromage frais are organic and sweetened with grape juice. They're lovely. Also recommend Rachel's organic too
  • Hi

    I think everything in moderation. I have tried my lo with the organic and rachels and he wont touch them, so my lo has the petit filous ones, maybe 3 a week, but i dont see it as a problem as all his other meals are homemade and his teeth are brushed twice a day.

    I think sometimes if you looked at everything in every food, i wouldnt give my lo anything!!

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