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Husband delivered our baby girl!

I've copied and pasted this straight from due in Sept. Thought some of you might enjoy my birth story! Got to run - someone needs feeding image

Annabel Eve May XXXX, 8lb 5 oz, arrived on Thursday 9th September at 6.10am.

We had the homebirth and waterbirth as planned, but the rest of the story was nuts!

Woke at 4.15am having pains. I woke my hubby 10 minutes later and said "I think this is the real thing". Rang for a midwife to come to our home at about 5am and we were told that they were so busy we'd have to abandon our plans and go to hospital as there were no midwifes available. I was gutted and asked when the new shift was starting. The lady on the phone said "the next lots of midwifes come in at 8am but I don't think your wife will last that long". How could she tell?

So we rang my Mum to come over and look after our 2-year old son, and she lives 40 miles away so it took her an hour to get here. By which time I'd moved downstairs to the living room and was grunting through the contractions which were so strong. I had no pain relief so said to hubby "I've got to get in that pool and climbed in, although the water was really hot so I was dancing around in this super hot water. He whacked up the cold quickly and I could actually submege myself under the water after a few minutes. During which time my son woke up with all the noise and was shouting "What's the matter Mummy" so I told hubby to bring him down as he'd be scared otherwise.

Almost as soon as I got in the water I felt more downward pressure and put my hand between my legs and shouted to my hubby "I can feel the head!".

He thought I was joking at first but quickly rang 999 while my son very cutely took it all in his stride and said "Don't worry Mummy!" and handed me some Lucozade Sport image . Then he tried to climb in the pool with me which we managed to stop :lol: .

Samuel was taking instructions from a brilliant guy on the end of the phone for things to do, but In a couple of minutes, Annabel "came shooting out" (according to my husband). He couldn't find her in the water so I just turned around and picked her up. It was so surreal but really amazing.

My Mum turned up 5 mins later, then the ambulance another 5 mins later. The paramedics were both women and were brilliant and gave me gas and air. Midwife turned up about 10 minutes later with no equpiment whatsoever (we didn't even get her weighed until 10 hours later), but she had brought the injection so we could finally cut the cord I could stop attempting to deliver the placenta on my own. I'm glad we didn't cut the cord for 30 mins or so, but I was so shocked that there was no way I wanted to deliver the placenta on my own.

I needed stitches for 2nd degree tears but they really aren't that bad TBH and I'm so glad we didn't need to go to hospital at all.

By late morning we were all sitting around the dinner table having a fry up. I couldn't stop saying "I can't believe I've just had a baby this morning". Unreal but it all worked out so brilliantly.

Annabel is lovely. She was very mucusy (which is common after short labours apparently) but it's clearing now. Few minor latching on probs but we're getting there and I'll get help from the experts of the next couple of days. Nipples are a bit sore though! She's sleeping most of the day and waking loads at night, but it's early days.

Hope you're all well anyway and good luck if you haven't popped yet!

P.S. Still can't believe I have a little girl! I was so convinced we were having another boy image


  • Jo

    What an amazing birth. Really pleased you got your home birth and well done hubbie! Congratulations to you hubbie and Samuel and welcome to the world baby annabel!

    Post some pics soon

    Lots of love

    Sleeepy xx
  • Wow Jo what an amazing BS! Congratulations to you all on the birth of your (no doubt) beautiful daughter! Loving the name too! Looking forward to seeing some piccies. Enjoy every moment and make sure you're stocked up on the Lansinoh (?) cream for those sore boobies! image
    Take care and congratulations once again xxx
  • wow jo that sounds amazing!!!! so gald taht you got to have her at home like you wanted to.
    huge congrats to you and your hubby!! xx
  • OMG....that has made me cry. i was sooooo sure you were having a boy for some reason..

    I love her name and cannot wait to see pics of her.
    I cannot beleive how she entered the world. What a wonderful story. How nice that her big brother was there to see her too.

    i am so happy for you as you have had quite the journey to get where you are.

    Enjoy your time with your beautiful family... if you are planning number 3 at least you know you have a midwife in training at home with

    d xxx
  • oh my gosh what a lovely birth story it made me cry!! so pleased it all went well and so pleased you didn't to go to hospital, sounded like your hubby and Samuel were amazing.

    love the name and congratulations x x x
  • Wow, that's an amazing BS Jo, hugest congratulations. I have a tear in my eye too. Gorgeous name and good weight too,I thought girl for you this time round. Your hubby did so well, my OH would have keeled over into the pool I bet. Though the bit about him not being able to find baby did make me giggle lol!
    Lots of love and congrats to the 4(!!!) of you.
  • aww thats so lovely. hope you are all doing well
  • Congratulations! what a birth story. Your family stood by you amazingly... you must be feeling so proud of them image

    Have a great time with your new baby. They grow up so fast... enjoy image

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