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For all the ladies that shared their bargains on here last time...............its that time again!! Next sale starts tomorrow at 7.
Not sure if i can get myself out of bed that early with a teething baby up half the night but I actually can't wait to see what bargains i can bag tomorrow at some point image


  • I was actually really disappointed with the preview. Their sales ain't what they used to be :lol:

    Although I might pop in to the store and see what they have image x
  • i went into a big next today and was quite disappointed - didnt get anything and i love next stuff!

  • I too came out empty handed. To be honest, I've never really thought that the Next sales were all that good x
  • nothing for dd (for once) but I got 3 tops and a gorgeous pair of shoes all for ??????42 although on the whole quite disappointing considering how much gorgeous stuff they have online
  • I haven't been to the sales but went religiously when ds1 (now 6) was a baby up until he was about 3 and I always came out with loads of stuff but IMO I think Next dont have as big or as nice a range as they used to, still my fav shop for ds2 but I remember having so much more choice with ds1 image
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