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baby toiletries...

... when could we introduce baby bath/oil/talc etc? How long do we stay on the cooled boiled water for?


  • I used baby toiletries on ds1 from day one, but Daniel (17 days old) is covered in dry skin so having to use kiddy oilatum at the mo and e45. When I took Daniel to docs regarding his dry skin he said it's fine to use things like baby oil as it helps keep their skin nice and soft.

  • Cooled boiled water! No one said anything to me about that! I have been bathing Iz in Johnsons stuff since day 1. Her skin is quite dry so have been using oil. HV advised me Johnsons stuff is actually not that good, wush i had been told that before I got a cupboard full of it!
  • I've never used cooled boiled water - always tap water for both kids.

    I think its about a month old you are meant to be able to use them but i've never liked baby oil or talc, and as cole has eczema we use oilatum jr in the bath (although tegan has only had 2 baths with him... but she's big enough for the bath seat now yay).

    On tegan I've been using body shops burichi baby smells lovely and it cleared up her dry skin within a couple of days -started using it about 3 weeks old cause of the dry skin. Only thing I'd say is be wary of johnsons stuff as a lot of people have had problems with it... I know we did with Cole - especially the lavender bubble bath stuff.. it doesnt say an age on the bottle but in the advert on tv it says suitable for babies over 7 months.

  • ive been using baby wipes since she was a week old, ive used johnsons top to toe wash since she was born as she has a lot of hair! but ive tried to keep her baths very short and not use too much of the product as she does have dry skin, i waited till she was six weeks before using baby lotion x
  • Imogen had very dry flakey skin for the first week, we used nothing. Oil didnt help we just let it sort itself out naturally.

    We used wipes from day 1 as she hated cotton wool and water. We still use them.

    We bathe her 3 times a week and use johnsons baby wash. A drop in each bath helps keep her extra clean, esp as she has hair which needs to be kept clean. We use some nighttime lotion if she looks like she wants a baby massage.

    I also use a special organic candula cream for her head so she doesnt get cradle cap.
  • do you mean cool boiled water used with cotton wool for sticky eyes?
    or for drinking? if for drinking well for 12 months at least i think.

    we use simple & johnsons bedtime baby bath (not at the same time!) & recently johnsons shampoo & simple bodywash, only a teeny bit, it nice for massaging his tummy in the water, helps get up left over wind image

    still use wet cotton wool on his bum. He's 7 weeks tomorrow.


  • We were told at the hospital antenatal classes never to use Talc powder anymore. They have done some studies where they found talc powder in the lungs and up the bits (on girls) in 40 year olds from use when they were babies.

    We have been using baby wipes for 2/3 weeks now (he is 6 weeks) I monitored carefully at first for any reaction but he is absoloutely fine with them.

    I also have never used cooled boiled water!

    We use Johnsons head to toe for his baths and have done so since week 2. I use baby oil when needed as he gets patches of peely dry skin.
  • I was told not to use products for 6 weeks. Also I was told grapeseed oil is ok before that for dry skin. Every midwife seems to give different advice,x
  • We are still using water and cotton wool. Jacob is 3 weeks old now.x
  • We were also told not to use talc. xx
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