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Ok ladies lets have a sex chat!!

So who has ventured (obviously we all know what you have been up to 4aboy!! - naughty naughty!) Iz will be 4 weeks on Monday and hubby has been very patient and is not nagging but I can tell he is frustrated. Last time was the morning my waters went. To be honest I am really wanting to but I am scared. I had a small labia tear but no stitches, I feel quite healed but sometimes still a little sore. I am just not sure I could relax. Also we will be going back to condoms and after 2 years 9 months of rubber free sex, not sure it will be as good!!! image So where are you all at, I know some of you have very new babies xx


  • oh my be honest it's the last thing on my mind! Millie's 2 weeks 3 days and i'm struggling to get dressed of a day! She was an elective section so no issues down below, guess would just have to be careful with scar. Hubby's not even attempted to make a move and i always drilled it in would be min 6 weeks. I feel far to much of a mess to feel remotely attractive - can't remember last time had makeup on. I've appt on monday to see dr re contraception but only cos mw and hv said had to make appt. Last time we did it was day before section. To be honest i'd be expecting him just to entertain himself! Xx
  • Noooooooooooo! It is the last thing on my mind too lol. I am paranoid about getting pregnant again too soon after the section (we probably will have a 3rd baby at some point tho). I am worried aout my scar as it is now infected and I am not back on the pill yet. Will be a few weeks I think at least!
  • DH is counting down till the 6week mark ... 2weeks left to go!! image

    I'm so exhausted to be honest, it's not on my list of things to do - but I know he's dying for it!!
  • lol Socks with Pepi I had great quick labour with no tears stiches etc...still did not let hubby come anywhere near me for good 4 months after!!! I could not even bear to wash properly until 6 week check up,just letting the shower run over,but no proper washing,sorry,I just simply could not bear even a thought of a touch down bellow...With this one the labour was even quicker and dare I say painless( 2 pushes lol barely any contractions-I think it was making up for the scary pregnancy) and I feel absolutely fine,could do it tommorrow was I not so run down by a baby and a toddler...mind u we want a third child and crazy hubby has been hinting whole week that we should start now as he wants a Leo(star sign,we are crazy like thatimage)) )
  • I am to scared i'll end up pregnant and OH doesn't want any more Lo's so we will b waiting for me 2 be back on contraceptives again. Did offer oh the condom option but after 2 years ttc with nothing he turned me down lol x
  • We have done the deed for the first time since this week as I hit the 6 week mark.

    I had a forceps turn and stitches which got infected and took some time to heel and so I was very nervous about it especially as I still feel uncomfortable at times.

    It was fine though! It felt a little uncomfortable at first although i was nervous so maybe I wasn't relaxed enough. It soon felt fine though and just the same as before!! Hubby says he can notice a difference but was happy and i believe him as didn't take long at all for him!
  • am I a bit nuts. We did it at the end of week 2 when I stopped bleeding.

    It was fine, actually quite normal. But I had a normal vaginal birth with no cuts or anything.
  • we did it when i reached 6 weeks. We did 'stuff' at 3 weeks. I had a 1st degree tear so healed quite quick it did feel diff but hubby said it didnt for him.
    Im back on the pill
  • We did it on day 12 when i had finished bleeding, everything was fine, id had very quick delivery and some stiches, but they had dissolved and everything felt normal down there!
  • Okay, perhaps I am a complete perv but I had April 6 days ago and am so frigging horny!!!

    The labour was terrible and I have a second degree tear but I feel so randy, can't wait to get the jiggy on with hubby!

    Not sure he is as keen after what he's seen this past week - my green waters (where she pooed), them stitching me, my catheter, my towels, blood in the bath, my constipation problems... :lol:

    I reckon it will be a few weeks yet but am looking forward to it. We have yet to decide re. contraception...
  • Shell, I want to just scared glad I posted though because the last few posts have made me feel happier!! Feels like it has been forever!! Wont be happy if we have a contraceptive disaster though! Part of me think weoll it took 2 years to fall in the first place but it would be just our luck to fall when we didn't want to!!!
  • Hubby just came upstairs and asked when we can have another baby image
  • OMG!!!! What did you say!!
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