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For those of you that are Breastfeeding....

Hi BIN ladies,

Hope you all are well, I just had a few questions about breastfeeding please...

My LO is 2 weeks old tomorrow and I am exclusivley breastfeeding. The 1st week we were mananging to get a 4 hour sleep out of her over night but this week she is wanting feeding every 2 to 3 hours all day and night. How often do your LO's want feeding and how old do they start demanding less?

My other question is what do you clean your boobs with? Sorry for TMI but I've just been using soap but have just read you should just use water! That just doesn't seem enough to me though. And also do you clean after every feed?

Thanks in advance for your help.

Becky & Heidi 13 days old xxx


  • HI,

    My LO was 3 weeks yesterday and was going for 5 hours at night. This changed this week for the 3 week growth spurt and for a couple of days he was feeding every 2 hours. As of last night he went back to 3-4 hours.

    Prehaps is just a growth spurt. The 3 week one was the first one we had but i think some babies have a 10 day spurt.

    I just clean as normal with shower gel in the shower.
  • Iz will be 4 weeks Monday she is generally 3 hours between feeds, usually 4 for her last night feed (which is lovely). We had feeding problems with her though so when ever she decides she is finished on the breast we always offer her EBM or formula top up from a bottle. That might help. My SIL has said she has had to do the same. Don't forget your milk supplies are at their worst at the end of the day because they recover better when you are asleep. I also just clean as normal with shower gel, had not actually even considered cleaning before each feed xx
  • I dont use any special stuff cleaning wise, just normal shower gel.

    Imogen feels usually every 3 hrs during day but this has gone back to 2 hourly as shes in her 6 week growth spurt. It was 5 hr at night but now is back to 2 image hoping she'll go back once spurt is over.
  • Rosemary, I didn't want to hear it goes back to 2 hours!! We have just established 5 hourly!! Loving it!!
  • sorry hun but thats what imogen was like from week 4-5... then week 6 hit and it went backwards.

    Am shattered.
  • Grr!!! Oh well thanks for the heads up at least I will know it is normal when it happens! xx
  • yeh I was told 6 weeks was hard, then easy again till 3 months. Least theres a gap there image
  • Alexandra is still feeding little and often - and I mean OFTEN in the day, I think it averages about hour and a half but often the feeds seem to go on forever because she has a 5min go then falls asleep then another twenty mins later, this starts again and it goes on and on!! Does anyone else have this? At night, we can get 3-4 hours in a go (first time last night where each feed was spaced 4 hours) but the days are a killer and SO boring for my poor toddler! I'm hoping she spaces it out soon and I worry I am missing some magic trick to try space her out more but I really don't see what as I feel I've tried everything and she is a good baby so only seems to cry when hungry, bless her! I have read that putting them in a sling and walking about can help extend time between feeds so may try that one soon - if only around the dinner hour when it gets super-hectic and I am needed.

    I don't clean specifically on the breast area with anything other than water although some shower gel sort of gets over that area from me cleaning arms/neck etc. I didn't want the perfumed smell to put Alexandra off at all but it doesn't seem to bother most babies, by the sounds of it!
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