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Oh i likey! :D

Oh im loving the new format! Personal inbox, signatures, no stupid pressing the reply button twice! Whoop well done BE i likey a lot!

Hope everyone is well xx


  • Oh and no stupid adverts covering posts when photos are added to a thread~! Ahhh the small things lol x
  • I likey lottie too image
  • :lol: Mrs Amanda!

    I think the whole user name change is a bit rude! I dont think they handled that very well... there are some very angry users on the fb/babyexpert page image
  • I think I understand why people are angry - usernames being changed to real names, etc. Dylansmummy's name and sohappy's name being changed.

    That's sad.

    Kinda liking the layout now.

    Reply function is the shizzle.

    Shame you have to enter the discussion to jump to the page and that you can't do it from the main Toddler messageboard.

    Adds a few precious seconds onto my day haha!! :lol:
  • I'm still finding my way but like it!!

    Morning all!!
  • I think I like but am still a bit confuzzled. Need to do a bit of searching around and practice. x
  • Ooh but mu username has changed. Ooh I don't like it with uk on the end.
  • I wasn't sure last night but it's kinda growing on me now! Can totally understand why people aren't happy about their personal details being used as usernames~shocking call on BE's part that one! SuzMcH, they'd addded UK to the end of my ColaBottle and I wasn't keen so diddled it to make myself a yummy cola bottle :lol:

  • Suz - its like you've got a new surname McHuk! Sounds Scottish too! LOL

    I don't mind it either. I can sort of see people being pee'd off over usernames but its easily change-able isn't it? But then I am lucky and mine hasn't changed (its connected to Y&YW account apparantely and I used different emails / accounts for that and BE so mine has stayed the same) so I am bound to NOT moan LOL.

    Although I do think you should be careful with what you write because NOTHING is private on the internet - NOTHING! LOL

  • Just testing the HUGE letter size hee hee!!!
  • lol thats huge :lol:

    i quite like it but i havnt changed,just go to find my way around and il be sorted lol
  • Frankly I am not liking it at all!!!!!

    My username has been changed, they have used a photo when I didnt have ANY on this site other than those posted in threads which they should not be able to set as a profile pic, I removed any of them from here and from YYW a while ago.

    They have even put up the DOB of my kids, which I was assured would be private when I was told to input it (for the old counter which has now been removed)!

    I cannot change ANY of my details because they have changed my password and are saying its the YYW one, which was the same one as this in the first place so it clearly isnt the same one!!!!!!!

    Not liking, not happy absolutely FUMING!!
  • So i take it your not happy Steph? lol!

    I think its awful they changed dylansmummys username... just awful.

    Hopefully everyones problems will be sorted and everyone will be happy again.

    OMG JOO THATS HUGE!! lol x
  • im not fussed tbh. lol. My name is the same though so i suppose Im a bit luckier. I dont mind the new layout, i'm sure i'll get used to it. Glad those damn adds have gone and all the things mnn said really. Just glad to see the regulars havnt left! xx
  • I think I'm quite liking it too (helps that it's still easily readable from my iPhone :lol:!!!!!)

    They changed my username to my realnane so I've changed it back, but slightly tweaked.

    The layout seems fine to me, I like that you don't have to submit your post a squillion times to reply hehehe!

    I don't mind change..... image x
  • I have had to change my username slightly, and I am missing the file path being at the top of threads aswell as the bottome, but other than that I think I can cope quite well with the new format!

    Only thing is I can no longer see photos at work, but I loke the new buttons and colours that have a greater contrast.

    Bets Xx
  • I think the way they've put peoples real names up is appalling. Glad I'm cautious about what I use to sign up on sites with tbh.. at least I only got the stupid UK added to mine.

    Stephe - when you try and change stuff, just have a look at the section on the change profile page and make sure it doesn't have anything filled in on the 'change password' bit. I was trying to delete stuff on y&yw and it wouldn't let me as my password had changed (despite it working 1 min earlier) and I realised that it had something typed in there..deleted it and entered my pw at the bottom and it worked.

    I'm annoyed about them making public kids dob's, and my wedding date/location but I've got rid of them now.. don't see why they need to do any of that.

    On the whole the changes seem ok but I don't like picture signatures one little bit (no offence to those who've put them in) - I just find it highly annoying when threads are taken up by tons of pictures..especially if they are repeated through the post, takes longer to load, dread to think how long it'll take on my phone .. plus it makes it harder to sneakily check on forums when at work (not that I'm back at work till late next year lol).
  • Kia - I've tried that image There's nothing in there.

    I've tried everything, and am having no joy. Not getting a response from the ignorant people either.

    Can't work out how they've held on to photos that were removed months ago.
  • I quite like it now I've changed my name back, but at least I got an email a few days ago with the fact that my newe username was my real name so just jumped on soon as it was back up and changed it.
  • but do you like that you have been registered with the other sites in this network and that your details (if not anymore) may be/will have been shown on those sites too??

    Your details have been passed on to other sites even if you haven't registered with them - they will show any/all the info that is in your profile on here, inc DOBs and pics of your children!
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