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Why is moonbean barred? BE isn't BE without her. Please can you sort the problem asap? Thanks image


  • lol you did it phoenix!!!!!!! Big clap for phoenix everyone!!! lol my ds has just wakened now so I'll catch up at his afternoon sleep lmao!!!!!!

    I can edit this post so it is my only form of communication!! webninja it's done it again I get the option to post or reply and once I do it all the buttons go away again and I can't do anything but at least I can edit this existing post!!!

    Please fix!

    just happened again i was able to reply to a post in Born in March and as soon as I did it again all button vanished hence I am on the 'edit' function again!!!!
  • YEY!!!! Cyber claps for pheonix!! lol. Nice to have you bk MB xx
  • Webninja its good you had a go but a bit more permanence wouldn't go amiss. Seriously, she calls everyone Mrs and keeps us all sane.

    And while you're there could you change dylansmummy's name back please? She died recently and it is very disrespectful to mess with her.

    Also easterbride should be sohappy. Change that, seriously....she lost her baby after he was born and then her husband not long after...seeing that name plus a pic of her in her wedding dress, that is appalling.

    We know you've had a lot to sort out, but if you could start with those 3 you would do a lot to regain respect.
  • after being on BE for almost 4 years i can say that ive lost all respect for whoever done this or let it happen, its a disgrace and very amature in its styling and set-up, honestly, you would think they could have thought it through a little more before messing with practicaly all users, even those who have had devestation in their lives, disgusting!
  • I think it was just a fluke MB managed to post...don't actually think webninja did anything lol!! And would be seriously surprised if they had...they seem as useless as a chocolate teapot!!!

    Seriously though....if this site was moderated properly you would have known about dylansmummy and possibly so you should have had the common sense to check these hadn't changed before the switch over....fair enough you can't check every single person but ones like this should have been!

    Avd during testing you would have picked up on peoples real names coming up (and I refuse to believe you wouldn't have known) and you should have had the decency to let people know that this COULD happen!
  • Yes webninja if you can only sort out a couple of things today please sort out putting dylansmummy back to her name as she was before she became an angel and also put easterbride back to sohappy as she was before you messed with things ...thank you image
  • ditto that - please change easterbride back to sohappy asap - this will be heartbreaking and sees this and her picture on it.

    Dylansmummy is a must too - hope you sort this out as your first priority

    Thank you
  • Couldnt agree more with those 2 ladies having names changed back. Its so horrible.
  • Totally agree with all that has been said above and please please put Dylansmummy's and sohappys names back
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