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Spitting out milk at bedtime (beaker)

Hi mummies

could do with a spot of advice please. I switched my DD's (14 months) bedtime milk over from a bottle to a beaker. I did this last week, I thought it went smoothly and was very happy. Humph.

Well the last 3 nights she's just spat her milk straight out. She'll take sips of it then just let it ooze back out of her mouth! How charming!!! So tonight I'd had enough, took the beaker away and put her straight to bed. So for the very 1st time she's gone to bed with no milk.......and I feel like a rotten Mummy :cry:

What do I do?? Persevere with the beakers and if she keeps spitting it out then just put her to bed with no milk, in the hope she'll get the message? Or, for ease, switch back to a bottle and try again in a couple of months??

The annoying is that she's taken fine to a beaker for everything else. She's drank water out of one since 5 months and still happily does so herself now. She also has a beaker of milk in a morning, which again she's happy with.

Gah! Annoying!! xx


  • My DD2 was similar, loved milk in her bottle but refused to drink it from any kind of cup, refused it hot or cold...

    The only thing I could do was give her a drink of water at bedtime and use the milk to make her supper, so she was still getting it, just not drinking it.

    Going back to a bottle might not be a good idea, as you're likely to encounter the same problem next time you try a beaker instead.

    Oh and both mine went through a stage of enjoying the drink dribbling out of their mouths :lol:
  • Hiyaimage

    London did exactly the same with her water! She has had her present cup just over 3 months and so unfortunately i think like London, Ava is just "experimenting" possibly with how far she can push youimage

    Keep with the beaker but let her know your not happy with her spitting. London has so far laughed at me , daddy and Grandad but HASNT done it since my 16 year old sister told her off!! ( the mind boggles!!)

    Hopeshe soon realises its not nice and not funny!

    Good luck xx
  • Luen did this when he starting drinking from beaker and he been having his for awhile would say it more experimenting and to see our reactions!!

    I usually just tell him no, take it away and give it him back in couple of minutes if he the mood he will drink it if not he'll do again or leave it...

    he still does this every now and again and i worried when he went to bed with little milk but it didnt affect his sleep. He also likes to let it dribble on the floor and rub it in the cheeky monkey!!! image
  • B did exactly this when we changed over! Took it fine for a few nights and i thought "Hey, that was pretty easy" then just as i got too sure of myself he started dribbling it out.

    I did exactly as you did putting him down for the night with no milk but also sent him to bed without bedtime milk for a week or so after then slowly introduced water or juice before bed and then milk again and he took it fine. Now he goes between juice, water or milk before bed, as long as he has had a decent amount of milk in the day I let him off!

    Sorry, seems its that dreaded saying again "its just a phase!"

  • Thanks for the advice everyone - in a way I'm glad to know we're not the only ones anyway!!

    I think I'll just keep peservering with the beaker - she's fine with her morning millk, she doesn't even wear a bib for that one hahaha!!

    She seems to really like the ones with a straw so I'll try that tonight and see if it makes any difference.

    Well it hasn't affected her sleep as she's still asleep now!

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