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What on earth is this?

Peter is covered in pin-prick spots. I noticed them on his back, bum and tummy yesterday; now they are on his arms, legs and face as well. They don't look like chicken pox spots as described by my book of words, and as far as I am aware he hasn't been in contact with anyone with chicken pox, but I can't figure out what else they could be.

He also has a spectacularly awful cold, so has been a bit under the weather with that, although not feverish at all. And his cheeks have been bright red for the past few days, which we put down to teething. I am supposed to be taking him to a Christmas park tomorrow with a group of friends, but I'm wondering if I had better cancel and take him to the doctor instead. image If it is chicken pox I need to know as there is a child at his nursery who is immuno-compromised so I can't let him go if there is any risk of them coming into contact while he is contagious.


  • I know that sone children can get the type of rash you describe when they have a viral infection, so it's possible that this could be what you're describing especially with the other symptoms. Have you done the tumbler test to see if it disappears? Not sure about the rash on his cheeks, if it may be the same thing. I would say if you're worried at all, get him checked out. There's never any harm in doing so, and always best to be safe if in any doubt. Hope he's feeling better soon xx
  • Sounds to me like a viral rash. My daughter gets these after having a bad cold/infection. The doctor explained they are usually the last part of an infection so a good sign they are on the mend. I would pop to the GP to be on the safe side.
  • sounds viral hun. hollie always gets this type of rash just before she gets a cold and a bad chest.

    maybe give NHS direct a ring to make sure its nothing contagious x
  • Thanks, ladies. I've googled viral rashes and I'm pretty certain that is what it is, which is a huge relief. And good to know that it is a sign he is on the mend! He has been pretty miserable the last couple of days - not good, as I seem to have some bug as well.

    I'm still not sure what to do about tomorrow. I think I'll see how we are feeling in the morning before confirming anything, but we are predicted freezing fog so not sure that driving for miles to take a 'winter wonderland' walk is ideal, all things considered!
  • Just to reiterate what the others have said. Erin nearly always gets a viral rash at the end of a cold and we always do the glass test just in case and otherwise don't worry. When she first got it I had to go to work she was 5 months old and I knew i had to be at work else there was no-one in charge and NHS direct told me to take her to the a pharmcist if i couldn't get her seen by a doctor so i did and they confirmed it was viral. But I would never have thought to do that if they hadn't said so thought i would pass on the info

    hope he gets better soon

    x x x
  • sounds a lot like a virus. my dr is a no-nonsense type and says that unless it doesn't fade, rashes aren't something to get overly worried about - usually a virus they can't treat or an allergy. he never seems interested in them! i always go to the dr anyway if i'm not sure - they say they never mind as it doesn't take long to check little people out and they would hate to miss something.
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