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hi hope everyone is ok went for my scan to day and i was told that my folical is 24mm what does this mean
hope some one can help me thanks jade


  • Surely its their job to explain that Jade???

    I have no idea!!! Sorry!!

    Just found this ....
  • no they didint not happy with it all but it is on the nhs so what do you expect
    how are you
  • Just found a website that might be of help, see above, i have edited the post!

    I am ok ta, at home as bronwyn wouldn't settle at nursery!
  • hi jade, tink it may be size of egg and the stage its at. When i had my scan they told me that an egg was just released from ovary and to have sex as soon as we got home (didn't work) hope you can find some helpful info that will make things clearer for you x
  • Try this too jade, might help a bit x - 26k
    Good luck x
  • Hope you get some good news with this.Best of luck.
  • i found i got pregnant the month we decided to stop trying and have some fun! i dont know what 24mm folicals means but fingers crossed its something good!
  • Melazdan when you were on clomid did you get quit bad pains down below (on you nicker line, and around that area)
    as i have had this pain now for 2 days could it be a side affect from the tablets
  • thanks i thought you would say that
    any think elas i should look out for,the pain is not to bad it is bearable at the mo its at it woare in the morrning
    how are you
  • very tearfull the last couple of days can fill it now and nothing has been said to me so hope it passes soon
    bless you! hope it eeases of soon for you
  • not sure as i was not ment to be bac to see my consulten till september but when i saw him on monday he told the nurse that he wanted me bac at the end of this month so i am bac in on 30 may
    dont weather this is good or bad but he was very posative about the scan so wanted me bac than
    what happened with you whaen you went throgh it
  • not that bad but i dont care about then its all the other proding about they do in 2 weeks i have had 3 intenal scans
  • yes i no but its on of thoes things
  • Ive had one done when they were checking for endometrosis,the woman couldnt find my left ovary so pushed hard and still couldnt find it,she put it down to me being on the pill and it had shrunk.
  • omg bless you going to go to bed now shall talk tomoz
  • Hi jade, souns like things are happening. I've got everything crossed for you and your right those internal scans aren't much fun, i wondered what was happening when she got that long thing out and put a condom on it!!!! Sending you lots of luck, take care x
  • hi yes i now my hubby thinks it the end of the world when he gets a bad head how are you today
  • Hehe!!

    My poor hubby is suffering from realy bad headaches,i do sympervise(sp)with him as his had it since he came off his bike in jan this year.Hi on strong painkillers but i still call him a woss.
  • lol was it bad when he came of his bike
    what have you been up to today
    whats the weather like were you are it has raind here most of the day
  • Rained here to most the day.
    It was a push bike but if you like his profile is also on face book,adi crowther,havent added him to mine yet,hehe!!!
    Had a lesson this morning which is every thur,its playing with language which is fun as it involves the kids.Then took riley to nusery at 12:30 and then spent my free time reading a mag then on here,yeah!!!
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