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CD 26 with no symptoms??

Hello everyone!

well im CD26 today (of a usual 28day cycle) and as the title suggests i have no symptoms at all. Usually by this stage im getting cramps up the ying-tang and getting the feeling of dread that shes coming!

Last cycle from CD16 my boobs were absolutely killing me to the point where i couldnt bear to press against them!

CD26 and i have nothing! no cramps, no bleeding, no sore boobs (nipples feel a bit sore but not noticibly), peeing a bit more than usual but i do seem to drink more when im cold.

im very confused by this lol

does this mean anything or am i reading into it too much?



  • I dont know hun but got everything crossed for you. You so deserve your BPF. I'm getting annoyed after 5 months which is just totally selfish of me in comparison.
  • heya i_want_a_baby, not selfish at all hun!

    we have been TTC for almost three years now but think everybodys TTC journey is unique!

    5 months can feel as long as years with TTC hehe

    I know its silly but

    im really hoping having NO symptoms is a good thing as usually around this time im symptom spotting like crazy and every little thing is a step closer to being preg- this month nothing!!

    thank you and

    keeping everything crossed for us both image xxx
  • ha ha funnily enough I was just saying on another thread I have no symptoms at all (on CD24) I really hope after all this time its your bfp xxxx
  • heya calebsmummy- heres hoping for a late christmas BFP for us both hun.

    How long have you been TTC?

  • hey this is only my 1st month ttc so I wont be too disapointed if its a bfn 5 months is a long time I really hope you get your bfp for xmas hunny xxx
  • Heya ladies well im CD28 today with no signs of AF as of yet! expected her this am when i wiped (sorry tmi) but shes not here! fingers firmly crossed in hopes shes going to leave me alone hehe, i have no sore boobs/cramps etc.

    cant believe we will have been TTC

    for three years in may image xx
  • well in CD30 still no AF/cramps etc.......... hmmmmmm
  • hey girls!!

    im cd26 and now symptoms...i didnt check for ovulation in time so i maye have missed it...i really dont know what to think as my periods are extremely irregular...this is my 2nd month on clomid and we've been trying for a year.....

    good luck to you all.....


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