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Late MMR?

LO is 14 months, we were on holiday, then LO has had a host of illness. My doctors will only do them on a thursday between 1-2pm so for us working mums...not the most helpful. So I have this thurs off but now LO is v poorly with a cold and conjunctavitus.

Then we are on holiday so he wont be able to get it done until 16 this very bad? can it be late? did you have yours later?


  • I think Hugo had his done at 18 months .... he was born in September, so basically had colds and visuris all through out fall/winter so had the jabs late :P
  • My LO was 15 months as similar to you LO was often ill and the appointment was a Wednesday lunchtime - when I'm in work! I dont think its a major deal if LO is a few months late getting the jab, as long as they get them that's the most important thing. x
  • Skye didn't have hers until about 18 months due to one thing or another, and the fact that she never got sent an appt by the doctors!

    Probably only more of a risk if they are mixing with lots of children at nurseries or such-like I guess, although you would hope that the majority of the babies/children would have been vaccinated so the risk would be quite small.
  • Louis had his about 15 months I think.

    It is more important your LO is in good health as the MMR can make them feel poorly after anyway.

    Like a PP said, if your LO is mixing with lots of other kids, then I'd ask your GP but should be ok. xx
  • Ollie had his last week at 16 months and had his 12 month boosters at the same time, i was worried but the nurse said it was absolutly fine more important that they have had it than that its a few months late xxxx
  • isaac was the same, was really poorly for weeks and cancelled appointment twice and sent away once!!! He was 16m when he had it.

    Like mrs b84 says better to have it late than not at all!

    I had mine at age 6. My baby brother was the right age and me and my sister older. That was when it was brand new though!!!

  • I think its disgusting that there is 1 hour a week that you are able to have his MMR done? Have they explained why?? its no different to a normal vaccine being done? There must be soo many children in your area that need an appt, how do they all get seen? What a ridiculous set up! x
  • I really wouldn't worry too much as long as you do get your LO to have the MMR.

    My DD2 had her MMR at almost 4 years old. This was due to her being on medication and the consultants wouldn't risk them mixing her medication with the MMR vaccine as it could have been very dangerous for her. Hope that makes you feel at ease alittle image x
  • Pipling - baby clinic for imms are on a thurs for 1 when you arrive you take a ticket and it is first come first serve basis - v annoying!! Its at the doctors and not a general health clinic so maybe why fewer children than just for the area, who knows. I am becoming increasingly annoyed with the waiting times at my docs tbh!

    Rant over
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