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Merry xmas to you all and all the junie babies and siblings!

Not sure I'll be on after tonight, so merry xmas everyone, hope you all have a wonderful day, lots to eat, drink (for those that can you lucky people!) and hope santa brings everyone something nice.

Speak soon.

Em, Libby and blue bump! x


  • aw merry Christmas to you too hun. Hope you & Libby have a lovely Day. Any names for the blue bump yet hun? xx

    We'll be having a quiet one coz we've all got bloomin swine flu. ARGH!
  • Morning girls, hope you all have a fab Xmas! Bet the kids are hyper I know my two are, lol. Xxx
  • Ah Elaine

    only just come back on after xmas, sorry you were all ill, are you all well now hun? Hope xmas was ok though.

    We had a good one, I am absolutely exhausted, 8 weeks to go now, 2nd growth scan tomorrow, so keeping fingers crossed he hasn't shot up again. Feeling this boy will be here in a few weeks. No names yet, better start sorting that! x

    Tammi. hope you had a good time too hun.

    We'll have to post some xmas pics. x
  • wow 8 weeks left!! how fast has that gone. Im glad you had a lovely day. Yes we are all better now thank goodness, just in time for OHs birthday. How exciting!! your lil man will be here soon. AAWW!! hope you have a lovely new year. xxx
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