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when to introduce duvet / pillow?

what age did you / will you introduce a pillow and duvet to your little one?

Just interested cause im sure sometimes she would be more comfy with a pillow!



  • I'm pretty sure its at about a year old. My lo is 11 months and I am going to be getting her one soon (hopefully in the sales).
  • Hi. One all the sets with duvets etc I have seen it says not suitable till 12 months. We have a set ready to go from Ikea. They have the loveliest wee sets!
  • Ok i'll wait for a bit then, thanks for the help XX
  • hi, My ds suffered bad with colic and reflux so he had a safety pillow wedge from about 6weeks and then we gave him a proper pillow at about 11months (advised age is from 12months. He also had a cot duvet from about a year and then gave him a proper single duvet when we changed him to bed at 20months

  • Abby still doesn't have a pillow and she's 2. I don't see any reason to introduce one. However in this weather she loves her duvet.
  • Yep it's 12 months for a pillow and duvet. My son started using a duvet at around 18 months, when he outgrew his 6-18 month sleeping bags. I didn't give a pillow straight away, like Blondefriend I didn't really see the point, and I'd heard (can't remember where so no idea how true it is) that you should avoid them until they ask for one really, it;s better to be lying flat. A couple of months after starting with the duvet though, ds had a cold and I thought elevating his head might help him a bit at night, so he's had a pillow since then.

    If you really did want to introduce a pillow before 12 months, only put it under the fitted sheet, so baby can't get underneath it.
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