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This week Jessica has mastered the art of climbing onto the sofa!
I don't mind her doing this, but how do i get her to learn to sit and not jump and stand on the sofa, we have a wooden floor and i am really worried about her falling and hurting herself.



  • Hi Simone,

    All you can do is keep telling her. I know this sounds awful but she'll only fall and hurt herself once. If she doesn't listen to you once she has hurt herself she won't do it again. They learn quickly!! If you are really bothered for a bit put some cushions down around the chair she tends to get on for when your back is turned.

    Take care, Zoe xx
  • Thanks Zoe, i think i am going to have to let her fall off as when i tell her not to stand up, she just laughs at me!
  • Jack learned the hard way every time!!
  • Hi simone

    I agree with zoe she'll soon learn t he hard way and that may be the best way to do it

    sorry i haven't been more helpful!! xx
  • josh kept running round the edge of his trampoline, i told him till i was blue in the face that he would fall, he only stopped doing it when he fell off and wedged himself between the trampoline and the fence. not done it since though
  • As soon as Milly was climbing up things we taught her to climb down off things, whenever she was on something, anything off the floor, so the sofa or stairs we turned her onto her tummy and helped her slide off. She has only ever fallen off the sofa since then once, because she was sleeping on it, and was dazed when waking up quick.

    She has never fallen down the stairs more than off the second step. Thats only because the stairgate is on the second step, she shakes it exitedly, if it wasnt there she would have NEVER fallen off the stairs.
  • She does know how to get of the sofa, its just once she is on it she will stand up and run up and down and one of these days she is going to fall!
  • Hi Simone

    Cameron's started climbing on the furniture too.
    On Sunday the little monster managed to climb right up on to the livingroom window ledge using the chair, luckily i managed to grab him just in time. I can't take my eyes off him for a second because he's so quick, it's taken me by completely by surprise, i thought he'd walk before he could climb!!!
  • Hi Dawn.

    Wow Cameron is keeping you busy isn't he.

    I've not chatted with you for a while so I hope you are ok.

    Take care, Zoe xx
  • Hiya Zoe

    He's certainly keeping me on my toes!!!!

    We're all good thanks, how are you?
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