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what did the inlaws do at christmas?

thought id start a thread on ranting lol!

mine on xmas day told us all how p1ssed off she was that she didnt receive a xmas card, as her friends were phoning her and saying how nice they were, yet she didnt get one. shes also been telling other people how p1ssed she is about it. she was angry with me. my husband wasnt even in the room when she was expressing this. anyway, in mid november i wrote the xmas cards (with los picture on the front) and told hubby to put a personal message on the one to his mum and dad. he said "right." i posted the pile of cards on the 3th of nov. hubby hadnt written his parents cards. two weeks ago he got round to it and posted them. they ahve not received them. i wasnt aware that he hadnt done it when i asked him (and i asked him a fair few times!). yet i was the one who faced the wrath.

so, what did yours do?! :lol:


  • What a cow!!! Did you say anything back to her?

    My hubby is just the same. I remember one year I bought HIS sister a birthday card (because he would never have remembered) but I didn't know I was supposed to buy one with the word "sister" on the front. Anyhoo she went into a massive strop and I got it in the neck from hubby cos he had been given a row by his mum. Oh, and can I point out that his sister was in her 20's when this happened.

    My outlaws were ok this Chrimbo, mainly cos I didn't see them. But believe me, Christmas is traditionally a time of enormous rows with the old outlaws, so I earned some peace this year!

    I might come back in a while with some rants, at the moment I am feeling quite contented but I do like a good old rant!
  • i gave her a spare one and said i posted them in nov. your ohssister sounds mature lol. i had my brother last year complain to our mum about the size of the cards id sent. they were little charity ones i thought were cute. they think size matters. :roll:
  • God, where do I start!

    *Using the word dick to refer to birds when talking to LO, when I have specifically asked her not to!

    * Going on and on and on and on about how LO should be on full solids now and only one bottle at night - she's 19 weeks!

    * I caught her trying to feed LO chocolate! I went mental and she told me that I was depriving my child of a good Xmas! Aaaaarrrrggghhhhhh!

    * Shes told EVERYONE we came into contact with that I've tried to drown my LO, how bad does that sound? I had to put everyone straight and explain that I take LO to waterbabies which helps her become confident in the water and that she is taught by qualified professionals!

    * She threw a hissy fit because I insisted that the dog be locked in the kitchen whilst we ate as LO was asleep on her rocker and if the dog went for her I wasn't close enough to stop it, granted it's never gone or anyone yet but I wouldn't leave LO alone with ANY dog!

    * Oh and just to top it all off, she told me at the dinner table that she didn't think me and OH would last and end up divorced! Even OH was shocked at this revelation!


    I refused to go up today, no doubt she'll be telling everyone that I'm stopping her seeing LO!

  • OMG your mother-in-law sounds like a right nightmare!! Get your OH to sort her out big time.

    I must be lucky, my mother-in-law is really nice and very good to us.
  • laura,stop bragging lol! becky i take my mum to waterbabies (i mean she watches, im not trying to teach her to swim :lol: ) and when its time to put the babies under she cringes in a very dramatic, clear for all the nervous mummies to see! :roll:
  • cooked brussel sprouts until they were yellow and water logged, and didnt need chewing, just pushing against the roof of your mouth with your tongue!!!

    other than that, she was quite well behaved!!!! :lol:
  • My MIL spent the entire time we were there on Xmas day in another room watching tv - and didn't bother saying anything to my 2 boys, not even Merry Christmas. She did come out to say goodbye when we left, but that was it. We're expecting another baby in February, and she didn't even ask how the pregnancy was going or if I was well, or any pleasantries whatsoever.

    When we got home we had a voicemail message from SIL saying how we ought to go visit on Xmas day because MIL has been complaining that she never gets to see her Grandson.

    FIL was brill, as per usual, but insisted on passing out sweets without asking me if it was okay for them to have any first - its pretty much the only thing he does that bothers me, compared to his wife, he's an angel.
  • i don't want to rant about the in-laws, i love OHs parents to bits and they are so lovely are perfect...but i would very much like to rant about my family if that's ok please?!

    *aunty 1: stop calling my child by the name of a ITNG character, you have been told repeatedly that daddy does not approve of it and it is banned in our is completely disrespectful of us as parents to keep calling her this and to keep buying INTG toys when you have been told! :x

    also, do not tell my 11 month old not to 'whinge' when she is getting ratty because you and your sister would not leave her alone to go to sleep because 'she has to open her present off me'. you are in your 50s, grow the F up! this also goes for you aunty 2!

    *aunty 2: do not tell me repeatedly that i have to get my baby christened because you have bought an expensive christening were told before she was born, and since! that she was not being christened so it's your own stupid fault if you've wasted your money!

    *aunty 1 and nana: she is not called emma or emily, she is called emmy-lee, she is almost one, learn her bloody name! (nana i don't mind so much that you get it wrong coz you get everyboddys names wrong and often call your own kids the pets' names lol)

    *cousin: sweetie, she wont smile at you because she thinks you're going to eat her, don't bare your teeth at an 11 month old when you want cuddles it doesn't help lol

    *father: you are a **** of royal proportions! no matter what i think about you it is not acceptable to not even get your only grandchild a christmas card. **** :x :x :x

    *cousins & partners: you all earn more than i do yet between 4! of you you can only manage to buy a ??5 tin of biscuits for people who have spent hundreds on you over the years...yet you can spend 50/100 on your brother/sisters gf/bf...get your priorities sorted, you're not kids any more!

    step daddy: i love you, that is all xxx
  • ive not watched itng. we like wayaloo. whats the issue with it?
  • no idea hun, he just really doesn't like/approve of it. tbh my friends little boy watches it and it does my head in so quite happy to have it banned. it's just the being disrespectful to a parents decisions i have a problem with mostly.

    for example my mums godson is a domestic violence child so is not allowed any form of 'violent' toys. i've bought water pistols for my step bros party bags for DDs party but i've made sure to buy him something else as i would never knowingly give him something his mum doesn't want iykwim?
  • I have no in laws but if my granny made one more comment about me throwing my baby around, being rough with him, flinging him through the air, me needing to be shown how to handle a baby, dress a baby, change a nappy I was going to throw a tin of quality street at her! He's a 20lb 4 month old. You have to heave him about a bit!
  • lmao faithie they loved to be roughed about and at 20lb I think he is big enough to take it lol
  • haha....they're not the outlaws unfortunately, i'd cut them out if they were!

    unfortunately they're all the idiots on my side of the family!

    my inlaws are awesome and i love them to bits! lol
  • I have idiots both sides.

    My own mother has never seen Sophie who is now 21 weeks old and my Dad has only seen her about 5 times.

    They live 81 steps away from our house - just round the corner on the same road!!

    My mil finally made the 20 min car drive from her house yest to give my kids xmas prezzies.

    She got Ben a couple of toys and gave him ??20.

    She got Sophie fuck all and gave her ??20!

    Why on earth would you give both kids the same amount of money but buy 1 toys and not the other??

    My parents bought couple of toys each for the kids and some clothes that do not fit and in Ben's case is not his style at all - something they would know if they took any interest in their grandchildren!!

    Parents?? - who'd have em??

  • Oooohhh, good thread!

    This year, OH and I sent Christmas together for the first time as we now have our little baby. We stayed at MIL and FIL until 2pm, before driving the 40 mins to my Dads house. There were Sooooooo many digs about OH not being there both on the day, and then all over the festive period. They were obviously looking for a reaction but I said nothing.

    SIL was very poorly on Xmas day, so stayed away from the baby. Still Poorly on the 31st and went to the Docs- doc said she was getting over swine flu. I always spend new years day with OH family but this year was very wary. She had been googling and told me that she was not contagious anymore, saying this between sneezes and coughs! I said I was just being wary. She said she understood, but still proceeded to touch the babies toys, and her hand - my little girl is putting everything in her mouth at the moment. Grrrrrrrrr. She lives abroad, and is only here for a few more days, but I'm still wary about her being close to my LO.

    LO is a bit of a mummies girl at the moment. She takes a while to settle anywhere new, and once I get her settled, I tend to lie her on the carpet, and take her tights off - she loves to kick her legs about. FIL always sticks his face in hers, and she goes nuts. Then he picks her up, and she screams! I go to take her, and he turns he away from me! EXCUSE ME! SHE IS MY CHILD! God, I get so mad! MIL wanted to carry her round the room, whilst she was sitting with me quite happy playing with her book, and she screamed. WHEN I SAY SHE IS FINE! PLEASE JUST LEAVE HER IN PEACE!

    Ahhhhh, that felt good!
  • They didnt do anything!! because they never came!! they dropped off presents a week before, and did nothing but trapse snow into my house and upstairs (even though they know to take shoes off!) and make remarks about how we should be giving the baby chocolate over xmas because its 'not fair' if she doesnt. shes not even 6 months old! And make sarcy comments about how we never take the kids to thier house (yes, because you dont clean up the tonnes of dog hair and OH has allergic reactions to it! and they refuse to not smoke!)

    We had a better time without them!
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