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Birthday Party!


I have feeling im presenting myself as a bit of a disorganised mum. which to be honest is a pretty true reflection of the truth! but i still want my gorgeous girl to have a birthday party to remember sooooo im going to be cheeky and ask for help with ideas.

so far i have grandma & granpas house as a venue as its more central and a lot bigger than where we live. there wont be many babies coming, mainly adults and older kids. oh for a summer birthday and hubby would be bbq-ing!

grandma has offered a cake which is great

but tbh im not a great party planner and am a bit stuck for entertainment ideas. i have two& half weeks to do this. and invites and decorations. oh no i dont want this to be a flop! :x

liz xxx


  • we're also habving party at nana's house as our flat is too tiny.

    we're having pass the parcel (with us being naughty grown ups and plotting who wins...we have age ranges from 1-8 going so the prizes differ accordingly! lol).

    we're having a cupcake decorating contest too.

    and a big buffet tea.

    our theme is disney princesses and i'm making a castle cake.

    tbh i think this is enough for emmy as she'll get upset at too much structure at a party.

    good luck hunni! xxx
  • Ours is on saturday!!!

    I was going to make her cake but my water only came back on yesterday so I haven't got time to do the cake and all the food.

    We are only having family so I have just got plates etc and I'm going to do a typical party tea

    Sausage rolls, sandwiches, stuffed pots, dips, veg sticks, quiche etc... all the things that she can have as well.

    I am trying not to put to much pressure on the day as I think it will be an emotional day as it is.

    Just enjoy it and I am sure it will be a prefect day for all your family xx
  • I've been pretty disorganised about it all too. Sara's was also going to be at Grandma's house, but Grandma fell a couple of days before Christmas and has been in hosp ever since so it won't feel right having a party at her house without her. So...plan b; small tea party with just a few LO's and parents and relax and catch up with friends. Do a good old fashioned English afternoon tea - finger sarney's, bit of quiche, few sausages and then some cup-cakes, scones and obviously a birthday cake, champers for the oldies(!) and a few little games - tbh Sara and her little buddies just love to have a bop to zingzilla's so that saves a bit of effort!!! (sounding like a lazy mummy, but I want to enjoy it too!)

  • Hi Ladies

    thanks for the advice. i think you are all right i need to stress less and enjoy it more. just a bit worried as my SIL will be celebrating her sons first b day in may and will be on overkill alert, will prob hire a band and have clowns and stuff! (lol sorry if anyone has done this! )just dont want to regret not marking the day.

    have decided to keep it simple, invited family and close friends and most seem free and we'll go from there. simple buffet is my plan too joemoeuk.

    i think i will be v emotional too, where has my baby gone?! but im loving this stage too so trying not to dwell! image

    liz x
  • heya

    i think maybe i've gone a bit OTT on lily's birthday party but i guess as a wedding and events planner its part of my job description! don't worry there won't be clowns and bands etc (we havn't got the money for that sort of thing) but i have put a lot of time and thought into making it a great party.

    lily's birthday is the 4th but as we had booked her in for her christening on the 9th we decided to do her birthday party after the christening - mainly because lots of family are coming down for the christening from quite far away and so want them to enjoy both celebrations.

    we've hired out a local pub (cost us ??30!) and we can go in and decorate it all the night before. It's a pretty plain pub and we decided to go with a mixed theme of bathtime and a nickname we use for her which is 'button' (as in cute as a button). The colour scheme is focused on yellow (ducks), white (bath) and red (buttons) with splashes of blue (bubbles and water). Got invitations made up by which are sooo cute and cost me ??20 and will be doing a simple finger buffet (mini sausages, sandwiches etc) followed by a sweety buffet (not sure if thats for the older kids or the adults hehe!) in the colour scheme image Not havign any entertainers or anything like that although will do pass the parcel (rigged of course) and party bags as there are about 10 kids ranging from 6months-11 years old there.

    making cupcakes and a birthday cake myself image

    on lily's actual birthday we will just be going to nan and grandad's for tea and cake image *not to mention playgroup for cake in the morning!*

    sorry to bore you all i'm a little bit overexcited!

  • we had a small party with 4 of his baby friends and thier parents, we didnt have any structured games as the children are too young to sit and play things like pass the parcel, it took us most of the day to open his presents as he wasnt that interested, he was just having fun playing with his friends, i think he was maybe a bit overwelmed at times so glad we didnt have to many people there

    i made a finger food buffet so the kiddies could eat it and had a huge cake from costco with his name on, i bought a nursery rhymes CD to play and just went with the flow x

  • Don’t worry, simply use some simple but creative ideas to make your party memorable. This link will surely help you.


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