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christmas pics

hi all! hope that you all had a fantastic christmas! ours was fab both girls were throughly spoilt and i seriously have to find places for the mountains of new stuff!!!

thought that i would just share some pics of the girls and would be lovely to see all the other little ones enjoying the first christmas they really know what is going on. xxx

here are phoebe and freya waiting to open their pressies

and freya on here new bike!


  • stupid thing wont let me edit just reply. so ignore this one the other one has the roght pics on it. x

    I really enjoyed the fact he knew what was going on! Made it very exciting!
  • lovely xmas pics... i have not loaded mine on the computer yet. i will try to do some today.

    Hope everyone had a lovely day? We had as best a day as you can without family....

    Xmas eve was spent at a party where they could glue, glitter, paint, dance, eat popcorn and watch Polar Express. When we got home we bathed them, put on their new pj's and then we sorted out the mince pie, milk and carrots for Santa and his reindeers. In bed where they all chose their fav book for Xmas. Stickman, night before Xmas and Amelia chose thats not my snowman... amazingly they went to sleep. By midnight we had wrapped, built and put out all their pressies.

    We were up at about 6.30 which was quite respectable really. The kids went outside first to see their go carts (boys) and bike for Amelia. When they came in they each had a pile (all 5 of them)

    Amelia stood in front of her dolls house, wow!!! Joseph and Chris got stuck in with a flurry of paper flying. Charlie, Amelia and Lauren took their time savouring everything. We made them all stop while Lauren and Chris opened their Ipads together. They are both really chuffed with them. I want one now.

    Bacon sarnies, coffee, bucks fizz etc followed. After playing on thier go carts and bikes and generally building lego etc we got ready and went for lunch.

    We were meeting 40 good friends at a restaurant that we had booked just for us. It was lovely. Much drinking, eating and laughing followed. Kids played in the play park and we had a craft table for them to make things on while we ate. We put pressies for each of them under the tree and they all had something to play with. We got home at 5pm and then opened the pressies from home that our families had sent. We skyped them while opening them.

    All in all it was a fab day but I do miss been home for Xmas and plan to do that next year.

    Hope you all had a lovely day and New Year brings you all good health and happiness (and BFP's to all those wanting them)

    d xx
  • glad to hear that you all had a good time and the lo had fun!

    nic lucas and kara are adorable!

    I was really suprisef that the kids didnt wake up really early! i went in to them at 7.30 and freya was still asleep and phoebe was sitting on her bed vibrating with excitment! she had been awake ages and looked all through hers and freya stocking and put everyt hing back as she didnt want to open them without us! freya then woke up and they opened their stockings freya kept saying 'oo what can this be' and then once she had opened it 'wow thats just what i wanted' so funny!

    we then went down stairs and we tried not to let them open their presents too quick but they were so excited. but we left their bikes in the shed to suprise then later. once all the presents were open the kids played while i got on with dinner. we had the in laws for lunch so they brought more presents with them! Then graham went and got the girls bikes out of the shed! the look on their faces when he brought them in was the best. we had lunch which i have to say was the best one i have ever cooked!

    then we just chilled drank ate talked and played for the rest of the day.

    we went over to my parents for lunch on boxing day which was nice. so we all had a lovely time.

    here is that pic on the other post of freya on her bike.


    Hurrah! At last. I've managed to upload a piccie. Loving your photos ladies. Sorry I've been a stranger! x
  • Hope you all had a lovely Christmas.

    Dont get much time on here now... only 5 weeks to go!!

    Here are a couple of Aimee.

    Everyone looks gorgeous xx
  • hi, just a quicky!

    Loving the pics and so nice to see some of you back with updates.

    This is Amelia on her new trike..

    and opening her pressies... FB friends can see our Xmas album online if you have a few hours to be bored to death in..ha ha

  • Everyones lo's looks so cute, I haven't got any photos because I deactivated my fb for a while because i'm too addict to it, lol. So giving myself a break for 2 weeks, so will add some when i'm back on fb x x
  • my fb break didn't last long!! lol so heres some pics

    x x x
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