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12 Months and no AF!

Hi, I'm a bit new to this so I was wondering if anyone could help!

I came off my pill in Jan this year and after 6 months and no AF I was went to the specialist at the hospital. After blood tests and scans for PCOS which where all negative and still no AF they then perscribed be some medication to make me bleed (sorry can't remember what it was called!) After which I had to have 2 blood tests and asked me to come back in 4 months! I recently went back to the hospital and they just told me that when I took the mediaction I did OV so they are sure I will OV natuarally soon and asked me to come back in 6months!

I can't help but feel they have fobbed me off as after 12 months and no AF and TTC I am starting to go crazy! I really need to know what I can do - I can't do nothing for the next 6months! If there's something I can do to help myself or try and book a private app.

If anyone can help that would be great

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  • How frustrating for you - I know in part how you feel as I have had no AF for 8 months but have been given a diagnosis of PCOS and am now taking steps to deal with that.

    The good news in what you say is that you did ovulate when on the drugs that they gave you. People keep stressing to me the importance of relaxing and almost 'forgetting about it' which I know can seem an almost impossible thing to do. Time is crucial in these things. How old are you? I know that can add an extra pressure also.

    Sorry I can't offer any advice but definitely empathy coming from over this way. image
  • I would say if you feel like you have been fobbed off go back and speak to them again.

    But if they have said you are ov on the pills then i guess they are waiting until doing anything like checking your tubes...because the lap and dye is invasive they want to leave it a bit to see if you now fall while taking the pills and if you don't then they will look into other things.

    I know how you feel hun, I have pcos and i have been trying 13 months now and have had the bloods done....couldnt detect ov. So i have been refered to a specialist and I am seeing them in feb.

    I know its hard to do but try not to worry too much as if your ov then thats a really good sign

  • Thanks for the advice, I know I need to not get stressed over it, but it's hard just waiting - I wish there was something I could do to help it. I'm only 23 so have age on my side, but it feels like no consolation at the moment. When my GP first referred me she said they'll probably just perscribe some pills to help me OV and I was expecting clomid, but they only gave me one month on these pills just to check if I would OV from what I believe!
  • Hi Hun,

    You could try accupuncture, I did this after my af went MIA for over 5months after my mc and af turned up within a couple of days, I would really recomend it. I would def go back and speak to your gp again as it seems bizarre that they only give you tablets for one month and are not doing nything to follow it up. Have you had a scan for pcos as when I had my bloods they came back normal but at the scan tey found the cycsts, maybe something worth asking gp about if not.

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