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For those who have had/are planning your baby's 1st birthday party

What time did you have the party at?

We've still got 3 weeks to go before Eva's birthday but I know how fast that will go so I really need to pull my finger out and send out a few invites.

We're going to have a little tea party at our house with just family invited but as I've never been to a childs party before I don't know what time you have it at. I was thinking 1-4pm, does that sound about right?

I must decide what cake to bake too!


  • we're having ems party at my mums on wed and i believe we're having it between 3pm and 5pm. this is mostly because the only children that are coming are 4, ad tew 8 year olds, after school lets out.

    i think that sounds like a good time to have it, we're having a second mini tea party next weekend with OHs parents and nana and that'll probs be the same time frame you're aiming for xxxx
  • We had L's party from 12.30pm till 4pm.

    Worked well and was enough time to get everything in we wanted too but not too long to tire her out image
  • We just had the first of Alyssa's two and it ran from 2.30pm til 6.30pm worked perfectly round her naps/bedtime

  • We're having it in 2 sessions on Sunday 10-12 and 2-4 then we don't have too many people in the house at one time and Emilie can have a nap in between. The morning I'll be serving cakes and coffee and tea, for the afternoon the warm snacks and champagne will be out!
  • Seems good but make sure your baby’s naptime is not disturbed in this. Always try to schedule the party according to your baby’s routine or else she may get very cranky.

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