Blood in poo!

My ds is 6 weeks and for the last week has been getting bright red blood and pinky blood in his poo. It's not every poo or every day but it started off pink and the last twice it's been bright red! I spoke to doc last Wednesday and she said not to worry, but it's happened a few times since then and it was only pink at that point but is now red. I'm taking him to docs later but wondered if you ladies had any idea what it might be?

He doesn't seem in any pain or discomfort but I'm getting worried. I initially thought it could be a milk allergy but surely the blood would be in every poo?

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  • Sorry, can't help but think you're definitely right to go back to the drs - could you maybe take a sample with you to try & prompt them to do something? Sure it's nothing but always worth investigating x
  • I've taken some pics of it on my phone so going to show them this morning and see what they say, and hopefully, as you say, prompt them to do something.

  • Is the poo quite hard? Fresh blood is usually due to straining and small tears when going to the loo. Thats probably why the HV wasn't to worried.

    Serena X
  • My dd has had this a few times due to constipation. My hv also wasn't concerned and suggested giving dd some cooled boiled water either by itself or by putting an extra oz of water to formula (if you are ff feeding it could be the brand ) my dd had constipation bf and ff so some are just prone to it x
  • His poo is really loose though which is why I can't understand it, he doesn't struggle to go and it's always soft when he does go. Doc just wants a sample taking in, so will have to see if that shows anything.

  • Hey,

    How did you get on at the doctors?

    I had to take my LO in a few months back as she had fresh blood in her nappy, I took a photo of the first one and then took the next nappy with me to the doctors (felt like a crazy lady carrying a pooey nappy around!).

    They were worried about my daughter as I listed some other symptoms that can indicate a serious problem (vomiting, cryng in pain in the night and unusually very hard to settle) so we had to go up the hospital. Turns out the other things were coincidental as it never came to anything. And the doctor said it was likely a little cut that can be caused by passing more solid poo. I was surprised as hers were quite loose at the time (we'd only just started weaning) and she never had a problem going so not sure how it had happened. But that must have been what it was as it stopped after that day. I was told to put vaseline on her at nappy changes as the cut was just on the inside.

    Hope the doctor was helpful and if they said it was a little cut then might be worth trying the vaseline on it?

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