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Dreamfeed question

Hi ladies wonder if you can help me?

For the last couple of nights we've been trying to give lo (10 weeks old) a dreamfeed at about 11pm but he wakes up as soon as we put him back in his cot and doesn't go back off for a couple of hours! We've been getting him to self settle for the last couple of weeks and he's doing brilliantly except at this one time. Is there a way of making sure he doesn't wake up too much short of bopping him on the head lol! Should we cuddle him to sleep in this instance or put him back in his cot and do what we've been doing? Poor dh didn't get to bed til 1:30 last night (he does the first night shift bless him).


  • Hey hun

    Is he asleep when you give him the dreamfeed? Perhaps try just not giving it to him. Or maybe it is too late for him - you could try giving it at 10pm. Then, even if he still takes a couple of hours to nod off you have "saved" yourself an hour by starting earlier!
  • I'd try skipping it and see what happens x
  • That's what I'm thinking, try it a bit earlier for a couple of days then if it still takes forever for him to settle I won't carry on it's not fair to either lo or dh. It's a completely selfish reason I'm trying it, it's so that in theory I only have to get up once in the night rather than twice! You have to try these things but of course it's all going to go our the window when he has his next growth spurt!
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