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I'm still here!

Hi girlies,

Sorry I've been a stranger since Annabel's arrival. I just don't seem to find time to log on any more. I've only just changed my pregnant pic on FB tonight!

Just a quick update as it'll prob be yonks til I log on again. All fine with us. Samuel is doing really well at the mo (when he's not drving me round the bend). We've had lots of glimpses of what life with a 3 year old will be like lately. He's so funny. Very articulate and he ADORES Annabel. Very boisterous as well though - typical boy!

Our little princess is 3 1/2 months old now! It's going really fast, which is just as well as she's a really hungry baby and I'm not getting much sleep at the mo (just like Samuel was). She also had reflux so the laundry never ends, but she's as good as gold on the whole. Very calm and content and just watches her big brother all the time. She's getting really smiley as well.

So all in all, things are pretty good, although I've got to be honest, I am knackered and irritable, and there are many moments when I look forward to going back to work just to get a break. This sounds so ungrateful and not very maternal, but I just find this young baby age quite tough and super demanding, esp as I'm breastfeeding and want to continue for a good while yet.

I have had days when I've wondered if I'm getting a touch of PND again, but then I have a think about how I feel and I'm happy in myself and coping well. I dunno.

Christmas wasn't the best this year. We went to the in laws and I was really ill with a chest infection. I mean aching all over and losing pints of sweat in bed. It was awful. So I spent a day and a half in bed while hubby/MIL broght Annabel in for feeds. They are the sort of people that just don't do going to bed in the day, so I felt awkward the whole time. Plus my MIL keeps suggesting getting Annabel onto bottles all the time which I just ignore.

On the last morning I had a mini row with my FIL - he's so rude and snappy and I just took the bait this time. It was over something silly and we all made friends before we left, but it was just a shame it happened like that. I'm sure they would have blamed me for spoiling Christmas after we left. Definitely staying home next year.

I've also fallen out with my Dad and SIL in the last 3 months, but things are fine there again now. I am starting to wonder whether it's me and I'm just being postnatal and argumentative, but on all 3 occassions, the individuals involved have been really out of order. My friends have vouched for that!

Anyway, looking forward to Jan now - a fresh start, no more family disputes and hopefully some more sleep!

Sorry to just come on and offload.... didn't plan to do that!

Miss you all anyway.

Take care,

J x


  • hi great to see you on here again!

    sorryt o hear you didnt have the best xmas, not good to be ill! i would just saty at home it saves the hassle!

    good to hear that both kids are doing great, they look adorable in the pic you posted.

    the little baby stage is a tough one especialy with the second as you are so tiered and dont get the chance to rest but it will get easier from now on.

    take care xxxxx
  • Hi Jo, lovely to hear from you. Your kids are adorable. You must be beaming with pride!

    Sorry you are feeling a bit down. Have you looked at the questionnaire in your yellow/red/green book ( all regions seem to have a different colour) just to check on signs of PND... I know you had it with Sam so its worth keeping a check on.

    I said to CT that the transition from one to two is huge and so hard. With your first you tried to sleep when they did. With a toddler in tow you have to entertain them in that time. Sleep is a distant memory!

    Sounds like Xmas was a bit of a miserable time. It cant be helped that you are not feeling close to family members. It is possible that you are reacting to things in a more sensitive manner if you are feeling down. I know when I am going through a bad phase I react to everything in an irrational manner ( or so Andrew tells me...) I am not for a minute saying that is what happened with you but it may be that you are getting upset over things that normally you would be pissed off about but would let go over your head iyswim????? I am sure they were bang out of order though and deserve to rot in hell for upsetting you

    Maybe a chat with your OH to see how he thinks you are compared to how you were when you had PND with Sam? They can be a good guide to how we are doing as we dont always have time to acknowledge our own feelings.

    I hope things improve for you

    d xxximageimageimage:lol:
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