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Meningitis scare yesterday!

I think its safe to say its prob one of every parents worst nightmares seeing that dreaded rash and when you push the glass down on it it doesnt fade or dissappear...

We were very lucky that Josh didnt have meningitis after all but yesterday was a very scary day, we ended up having josh sleeping in our bed last night when we got home from hospital as we didnt want to be away from him!

(Even tho I did get a bit annoyed with all the kicking in my back by the morning image )

I was just so glad he was ok.

Have to say the hospital was great and I think the whole experience was more traumatic for me than Josh and he was so brave the whole time, even when they took his blood and I was crying :cry: he did scream a little bit but as soon as theyd finished he was eating a biscuit and ok, cheeky monkey!

Just a reminder I guess to get suspicious rashes checked out straightaway, and I'm so relieved our little man is ok.

Hope everyone else had a lovely xmas and new year with their babies, lo's and bumps.



  • God sounds scary alright! I'm forever grabbing a glass for smallest of rashes on Lorelei as it's just one those things that can develop so quick- what was it that he had in the end?

    Glad was just a scare and nothing worse

  • Can't believe you had such a major scare Jess image You must have been beside yourself, and poor Josh, but sounds like he was a very brave boy.

    Always better to err on the side of caution. Hope he is much better now x
  • He is fine now, bless him, they couldnt find anything in his blood results so its a case of being referred to a specialist now to see what might have caused it and just keep an eye on it to make sure the rash doesnt spread more and see how long it takes to fade...
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